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My Top 10 Favorite Makeup Products

Over the past few years since I started getting into makeup, I've been trying different products to figure out what works best for me. Here are my top 10 favorite cosmetics from both drugstore and … [Read More...]

TV Reviews

TV Review: Raven’s Home

Over the past several decades, there have been thousands of Disney Channel original TV shows and movies. However, only a select few have really proven to be successful... such as That's So … [Read More...]

TV Review: Rising Star

Another summer means another round of summer programming. Reality shows like Amazing Race Canada often take the place of prime-time TV shows, like The Big Bang Theory, for example. Music-competition … [Read More...]

TV Review: Finding Carter

MTV's new series, Finding Carter, premiered earlier this week, and so far, I love it. It's a teen drama show about a girl who finds out she was abducted at age three by a woman who claimed to be her … [Read More...]

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