Some Halloween Pictures!

I had a great Halloween! I went trick-or-treating at my cousin’s house. I was dressed up as a glitter witch. I had a black dress, a black cape with green spiderwebs on it, a black hat with green spiderwebs on it, glow-in-the-dark body glitter, black lipstick, and a wig. It was the best time ever […]

My Holiday

I went on the best holiday ever!!!!!!!!!! I did lots of fun and exciting things. I made a new friend. Her name is Madison. I also visited the Osoyoos Model Train Museum where I saw miniature trains. They were so cool…. they even had a miniature Burger King, a miniature McDonalds, and a miniature amusement […]

I wanna know more about: Bratz TV show

I am doing a new series of posts called “I Wanna Know More About” where I learn about cool things like TV shows I’ve never seen, but heard about. 2day’z topic is…….. THE BRATZ TV SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These girls with a passion 4 fashion have a fictional magazine, formed a band called Rock Angelz, and lots […]

Cancer Research

I had the Terry Fox Run at school yesterday. It was sooooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!! There was even a presentation by Terry Fox’s mom. After the run and the assembly before the run, I thought, “Maybe I can try to continue raising money for cancer research even after the Terry Fox Run.” I told my friends […]

Sleepover Adventure

This is a story me and my friend, Savy wrote. Hope you like it! Once upon a time, there were 2 girls. Their names were Melissa and Katie. They were best friends ever since they were 2 years old. One day at school, Melissa told Katie that she would be having a sleepover. “Cool!” exclaimed […]

“Friendship” – A New Song

A little while ago, I was playing with my Ello toys in my room, and the idea for writing a new song for the band came into my head. After I was done practicing my piano, I tried writing the music for the song on the piano.  It is about me and one of my BFFs ever […]