Anna-Marie’s new guitar

┬áThis is a shorter version (from my point of view) of my mom and dad’s post on one of their woodworking blogs, I┬árecently celebrated my 10th b’day, so my parents thought that maybe I’ll have fun with a guitar. (After all, I’ve been playing piano for 3 years) So, my parents got me a really basic Fender Squire electric guitar. Of course, it HAD to be red. So far, I’ve been really enjoying it.


I said, ” It’s just like the one on Hannah Montana.”


  1. Anna-Marie says

    See where Show Your Wood is highlighted in green? Click on it and it’ll bring you to the woodworking community. Do you see a picture of my mom? Click on that and it’ll bring you to her very own Wood Art blog. Then, do you see the category that says Anna-Marie’s Music? Click on THAT andjyou can see a picture of me, my guitar, and Bootsie? Bootsie loves getting his picture taken. He told Dad, ” If Anna-Marie is gonna be in that picture, then I should be in it too!” L*___ Sam. Alex.

  2. Anna-Marie says

    dreat. Did just the text show up? Did just the picture show up? Or did both the picture and the text show up?

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