Best friends (coauthoring on this blog)

I just received some great news! Two of my friends will be featured on this blog. They will write posts about anything that interests them and then they’ll put their initials at the end. This is for safety. I can’t wait for this to happen!


  1. says

    it will be fun to work on this A M R!I can,t wait to do it.But how doI work on it? Do I go to your house to work?Thanks for making me S T N work with you! Bye!

  2. miss chayse says

    anna-marie your coming over to my house on saterday at noon we might not be able to watch newmoon but we can go to ad rundle to play its the middle school acroos the street from my house bring your helmet and we can go bike riding corky will be happy to see you mabey we could take her for a walk today at school the first thing we did was sort 25 words into alphabetical order did you know our principal mrs hall left she went to unsworth elementary i really miss her but i saw her at the hospital when i had to get my arm cast i broke my wrist rollerblading i cant wait to go to unsworth again because there are three horses and i named them all charles is the only boy and renesmee is the female bellas daughter i play this game at school based on twilight and we have to call each other the charcters name my name is bella tanishas name is alice makaylas name is esme and halainas name is rosalie so when you come over dont be afraid to call me bellai am also almosht forgetting that my name is chayse because i get called bella all the time by every one but my teacher icannot wait for you to come over so call me bella when you get to my house signed


  3. miss chayse says

    bella is my new name as soon as i get old enough i am ggoing to change my name

    signed bella

  4. Anna-Marie says

    i don’t think the bike riding is such a good idea!

    1. I don’t have a bike and
    2. I have no idea how to ride one

  5. miss chayse says

    ok do you know how to ride a scooter because i have one then you could ride it and i could ride my bike

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