Cancer Research

I had the Terry Fox Run at school yesterday. It was sooooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!! There was even a presentation by Terry Fox’s mom. After the run and the assembly before the run, I thought, “Maybe I can try to continue raising money for cancer research even after the Terry Fox Run.” I told my friends about the idea and they said that I could do it if I believed in myself and to never give up. My goal is to raise about $200 to donate to the Terry Fox Foundation. Every month, I’ll add some more money to the total.


  1. miss c says

    i loved the terry fox run.It was so cool. When we finished we got popcicles.(p.s my dad came for the first time )

  2. HMsuperfangirl says

    HA{{Y HA::PWEEM EVERYPNE@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    transalation: HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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