Hannah Montana – Retiring?

Attention, Hannah Montana fans in the world. Hannah Montana will be retiring. (pause for tearful HM fans) I know, it is very sad. My friend Savy555 (previously known as stn) told me that Hannah might be retiring, but I was okay. Hannah Montana is just a made-up TV character played by Miley Cyrus. I got this information when Savy555 and I went to the theater to see Hannah Montana: The movie. Have you ever seen that movie before? Good bye Hannah Montana, Hello Miley Cyrus.


  1. says

    Ya Hannah Montana might retire and Miley Cyrus will come in with country music.Guess what Am?I am now a member of Totaly Spies Fanclub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. says

    You go to http://www.teletoon.com and you click on shows(it is at the top)and you see the alfabet and click on Totaly Spies!and you see stuff about totaly spies and click “more” at the bottom right it says”totaly spies acadamy”so you click and you can become a member.You search for gadgets and go try to pass the test.If you pass the test you will become a spy and you will save the world too.Did I mention 2 things.1.It is free.2.you can create a cool charecter and give it a name and you can go places like WOOHP(world orginasition of human protection),your room and the mall called THE GROOVE.It is sooooo much fun and if you want more fun you can get “ELITE” membership.But the problem is thst it is 9.95 to accept it.L*___

  3. Anna-Marie says

    I have NO idea. We can talk about it when I come over on Victoria Day. L*__

  4. Anna-Marie says

    Okay. I heard that I’ll come over for dinner on Sunday instead of Monday. L*___

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    The “ELITE” membership.You get more cool stuff to do like a 4th mission not just 3,5,000 spy credits or is it10,000?I am not sure but I want to become one.There is sooooo much more stuff you can do on it if you are a member of elite or even not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would pay with my own money even(oh ya it is like V.I.P on barbie girls but it is on Totaly Spies!)

  6. Anna-Marie says

    You saw me, but I didn’t see you! Very strange. I was in the Pawlette Coufur boutique numerous times. I’ll put some numbers down below and you’ll tell me which time you saw me at.


  7. Anna-Marie says

    What time do you get home from school at? After school, meet me in Town Square. L*___

  8. Anna-Marie says

    Bad news. I went on Buildabearville and it said this:

    Beary sorry, but these dens are temporaraly closed for maintaince.

    L*___ Am

  9. Anna-Marie says

    Savy555? PLEASE RESPOND TO EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a special message for you.

    Happy Victoria Day!

  10. Anna-Marie says

    That was my message. I didn’t notice when I put hime instead of home I can’t wait until I come over on Sunday. Well, I’ve got to go have dinner right now. L*___. Am.

  11. says

    I am excited for Sunday too,Am.It will be fun…SUPER fun!!!!!!!!!!!!I think you are coming for dinner,but I am not sure.I saw a show that I LOVE!!!!!!!And I thouht that we could play a game were we pretend we are them.Want to play it.(Oh ya they are spies from Totaly Spies!)Do you want to play it when you come over to my house?!L*___

  12. Anna-Marie says

    Hi. Savy. Have you been on B.A.B.V lately? Well, here are the new updates:

    a) Trading is TEMPORARILY unavallible
    b) The coffee shop on B.A.B.V will be hiring soon (your character can work there,OR just enjoy one of the coffee shop treats)
    c) There’ll be an interview on The Chloe Show with a girl who has a disabillity called Spinal Muscular Atrophy
    d) There will be new items in the Bearville Outfitters store

    Those are the updates

  13. says


  14. Anna-Marie says

    Sorry I couldn’t answer in a couple days, but I tried to leave a comment listing each of my virtual websites. For some reason, it didn’t work. I clicked Submit, and it wasn’t on there. L*___

  15. Anna-Marie says

    Hey, let’s write a story. We can work on it tomorrow. We’ll email each other the story ideas. I’ll start.

    Once upon a time, there were 2 girls. Their names were Savy and Am. Even though they loved some of the same things, they were both different and unique.

    Your turn. L*___. Am.

  16. says

    Cool!That will be fun!I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!What will we do tomorrow?Add any ideas you have to a list and tell me “yes” or “no” if you want them.
    Totaly Spies game
    Board Game
    Green Teamz
    FUN FUN FUN!!!!!

  17. Anna-Marie says

    Totally Spies Game: Yes
    Websites: Yes
    Bingo: No
    Board game: No
    Dance: Yes
    Green Teamz: Yes

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