Hatching Pete – A Disney Channel Original Movie

Attention, A Kid’s Point Of View readers, There is a new Disney Channel Original Movie. It’s called Hatching Pete. I’ll tell you some details about the movie at the end of this post. I’ve seen the commercials for it. They were really good.  All I know about this movie is that it’s about a mascot. I’m going to watch it.I think that it’s going to be a really good movie. I will now leave you with some details. Bye.

Hatching Pete

Premieres tonight (April 24th) at 7:30 pm


Mitchel Musso – from Hannah Montana

Tiffany Thornton – from Sonny With A Chance

Jason Dolley – from Cory In The House

Brian Stepanack – from The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody


  1. says

    Hey Am,I did not watch it last night because me & my mom watched “Nims island” movie.It is REALLY REALLY good!Well I should go because it is early in the mourning,L8ter!

  2. Anna-Marie says

    If you didn’t watch it last night, you can buy it on DVD. It comes in a movie combo. The movies in the combo are: Hatching Pete, and Dadnapped.

  3. Anna-Marie says

    Hi Savy. I’m feeling a whole lot better. I’m still coughing, but not as much as before. I looked up Extremespringcoflucolditis, and there wern’t any results for it, so I googled Littlest Pet Shop instead. I can’t wait until you come over. Bye

  4. Anna-Marie says

    1. Which one of these video and DVD brands gives you the creeps?

    a) Telletubbies

    b) Baby Einstein

    c) Both

    2. Which brand is the most educating for babies?

    a) Telletubbies

    b) Baby Einstein

    c) Both

    No matter which one you chose, the big idea is that they’re not for our age group.


  5. Anna-Marie says

    Earlier today, I googled Baby Einstein and I found out that it is super educating for babies. That 0 I put at the end of my quiz, that was a mistake.

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