I wanna know more about: Bratz TV show

I am doing a new series of posts called “I Wanna Know More About” where I learn about cool things like TV shows I’ve never seen, but heard about. 2day’z topic is…….. THE BRATZ TV SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These girls with a passion 4 fashion have a fictional magazine, formed a band called Rock Angelz, and lots more. But now they have a TV show too??? I had my Jade doll watch Bratz Rock Angelz with me yesterday. Here is what she thought:

I just LOVED Bratz Rock Angelz. It was so great, that I will show it to my friend, Sasha when she comes here 4 a visit.

So, can SOMEONE please tell me about this TV show? Is it still on TV? I heard it’s on Teletoon but I don’t know if it was cancelled a couple years ago or if it’s still on.


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