My Cats (special post #1)

My cats are very special to me 🙂  Their names are Puffy, Misty, and Bootsie. All of my cats were rescued. Misty was an 8 month old, abandoned cat. My Dad noticed that she was hungry and fed her.  Once she was comfortable and trusted my Dad, Misty brought her babies over.


My parents and I named them Puffy and Fluffy. Puffy is the creamy coloured one and Fluffy is orange.


Fluffy was trouble. He got into everything.  He grabbed the toilet paper in his paws and shredded it with his sharp kitten claws and he would fling kitty litter all over the bathroom. We found a good home for Fluffy with a little girl who loved him very much.

Bootsie came next. His Mom and siblings got attacked by a coyote. My Dad found him in front of the shop when he was two days old. Our dog Scooby found Bootsie on our property and dropped him at our shop door for my Dad. Bootsie’s eyes weren’t even open yet. His ears were folded down. He looked kind of like a rat. The funny thing was that I thought he was a girl and I called him Sparkle until I found out that he was a boy! We named him Bootsie because of his white paws. We fed him with a bottle until he was 2 months old and then Misty and Mom taught him how to eat cat food.


Bootsie is really big now and weighs 18 pounds. I love him so much. He’s like my little brother 🙂


Puffy is all grown up now and I call him Puffball.


I love my cats!


  1. says

    your cats are so cute!Puffy does look like a puffball.I can’t beleive that bootsie is 18 pounds!wow!How do you carry him?Do you know where Fluffy is now?lhats all i have to say and i also love the pictures of the cats.

  2. says

    I love your cats so much!The’re adorable,cute,funny,sweet and so many more things!Bootsie is well…still adorable,cute and funny but is such a kitty devil.Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!Bootsie is a trickster,he always lookes cute and then poof you can see little devil horns in his head.How are your cats A M R? Is Bootsie still a devil and has issues,or is he sweet as a cupcake? Well…enyway Bootsie is still your little brother.

  3. says

    My dod Stanley is my little brother to me.He can fetch,jump,roll over,catch things,sit,play dead,lie down and his jumps are hier than my head. And i’m 5 feet tall.He can do all of those tricks for a treat.He loves to lick on coffe cups and he loves to eat everything.I mean it.He eats my pens and pencils,paper,books,crafts,dust and even…GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He is soooooo funny because he is a jack russul terrier and minniture schnauzer so his tail was long and skinny and the vet had to cut it off.But don’t worry because it didn’t hurt.Stanley loves to play tug-o-war with his flossy.he loves to play with nylabones,kongsand he eats…HIS SHIRTS HE WEARS!!!!!well… my dog has just ate my homework l8ter!

  4. admin says

    Hi,S. Those comments are so funny. Did Stanley really eat your homework? Bootsie is a cutie. He still has some issues but his kitty devil powers are vanishing by 100%. I was at Save-on-foods the other day and I saw this Beanie Babie that looked just like Staniey. It was sooooo cute! See u soon.


  5. says

    My dog is 60% cute and sweet and 40% troble.He is the cccuuuttteeesssttt dog in my life!He loves to play outside when I bounce on my trampoline.admin,talk to ya l8ter!

  6. miss c says

    yeah most kats are trouble they always do anoyying things by brother just got over the H1N1 (AKA SWINE FLU)

  7. Anna-Marie says

    I know! The shot is out now! My friend at school got the shot today! She said it was very painful!

  8. Anna-Marie says

    My cat Bootsie just jumped from the back of my chair to the back of my mom’s chair. It was like he had little superhero powers or something!

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