My Dogs (special post #2)

My dogs are very special to me 🙂  Their names are Scooby and Scrappy. They look like the dogs on the cartoon.


They have some differences, though. Scooby looks like Scooby on the cartoon, but he has a shorter tail and he barks at everyone. Scrappy looks like Scrappy on the cartoon. I don’t think he has any differences except he’s a little bigger.

(Scrappy is in the top picture and Scooby is down below.  We were trying to make a snowman and Scrappy kept eating my snowballs)


I love both of my dogs sooooo much! Scooby and Scrappy get  excited when I give them treats. They love the snow. Scrappy runs around with his mouth open, drinking the snow. I love playing with them. Scooby gets protective of his bones. When I give the dogs bones, Scrappy buries his with his nose. It’s soooo cute!


  1. says

    Your dogs are very very very cute.I’m an animal lover so I will say that a snake is cute.Your dogs do look like the cartoon.It’s funny how you were trying to make a snowman and that scrappy ate the snowballs!HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!I think your dogs are super cute and that on the top picture scrappy needs a wash on his face. ha ha ha!I love the adorable pictures…very very…snowish. P.S.Did you know that scrappy is in the dicctionary.I thought that scraps would be in that place but I was wrong!

  2. miss c says

    guess what anna-marie i just got a puppy its a girl and her name is corky becca rawlings she is so cute you know what if you remember tanisha it is her dog saras puppy and i will show corky to you sone day ps her nickname is jumping bean she is eight weeks old

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