TV review: Sonny With A Chance Holiday Special

So…many AKPOV viewers hopefully tuned in to Family Channel for the (Dec. 18th, right?) premiere of A So Random Holiday Special, right? Well, I didn’t, but from my very little amount of knowledge on this special, I will do a small review on it, until I can watch this fab special tomorrow online (, of course!).

What I know about it:

It’s from Sonny With A Chance

It’s awesome

Reasons for watching it:

Maybe my cousin will want to watch it too (she’s coming over tomorrow-YAY!!! 😀 )

According to the commercial for it, there will be a special guest appearance… AWESOME special guest appearance!!!

I really really want to see it so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, that is my mini review for the episode, and I hope I can catch it online tomorrow! I am hoping to watch all the Christmas specials on Family (Already watched Phineas & Ferb’s Christmas Vacation, hoping to see this one and A London Carol next.)

Bye everyone!


  1. Massie says

    The Sonny With a chance thing (I saw it) isn’t that great to me except the sicky Vicky and the real princesses of New Jersey! Okay those are a little funny but annoying!

  2. Anna-Marie says

    i know! the princesses one is kinda annoying…………….but i like princesses…so it is funny.

  3. says

    Watching A So Random Holiday Special right now! For some reason, the 12 days of Christmas by Sicky Vicky part, I replaced the lyrics with a recording of Barbie’s 12 days of Christmas in my head!!!!! (i don’t know why!) Anyways, I am dying to get to the special guest part, and the princesses part. By the way, who is the special guest for the episode?

  4. says

    wasn’t taht great, didin’t watch the whole thing…..but i wanted to see the princesses parts and the duet that Joe and Demi perform. U know what would make it interesting? If Santa Claus fell down the chiminey, only to get burned in a huge fire.

  5. Massie says

    I am excited for Christmas because tomorrow my Auntie Patricia and Uncle Ian are coming for Christmas and we made cookies for them (and our tenant Benjamen and his girlfriend Tasha).

  6. Anna-Marie says

    guess what? I got my “classified girl thing” this morning. that explains the growing pains i had last night.

  7. Massie says

    I was watching the clique movie today until my dog ran by me and hit the eject button on my remote and now I don’t know where I am at in the film!

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