DVD Review-Barbie in A Fashion Fairytale

You’ve probably played with Barbies before, around the ages of 5, 6, or 7, so you might like this movie. Barbie in A Fashion Fairytale is amazing!

In A Fashion Fairytale, Barbie sets out to Paris for an exciting adventure- to visit her aunt’s fashion house! But she soon learns that the fashion house is about to be shut down…forever! After she discovers 3 enchanting and adorable “Flairies” with sparkle powers, she helps save the fashion house. She even inspires Alice, a shy fashion designer, rediscovers her inner star, and learns that magic happens when you believe in yourself. Oh, and did I mention that A Fashion Fairytale has references to other Barbie films in it too?

I liked:

* Ken’s attempt to get to Paris- Ken was very funny in this movie! My favourite part was when he split his pants at the airport. (He had heart underwear and everyone was pointing and laughing!!!!!)

*The songs- There were 3 songs in the movie, but only one of them (LIfe Is A Fairytale) appealed to me.

*The adorable fashions- Yes, I am in love with fashion, so it wasn’t a surprise when I saw all those cute outfits in the movie!

I didn’t like:

*The adorable “Flairies” being captured- It was just pure evilness when those cute little “Flairies” got captured!


  1. Anna-Marie says

    As a family rule, me and my parents are to never mention shots ever again! Or any kind of needles for that matter! So change of subject!


    So, anyways, I’m moving to Alberta in 7th grade, and I was wondering, how do you feel about this change?

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