DVD Review: JONAS: DVD #1 (Rockin’ The House)

I seriously love Disney Channel, mainly because of all those amazing bands and singers…..and the Jonas Brothers are no exception to the list! Their new TV series, JONAS, is #2 on my list of ¬†Favourite TV Shows. The 1st DVD, Rockin’ The House, features the 1st 5 episodes, PLUS 2 other episodes that, when the series first started airing, hadn’t been aired on Disney Channel. Now…for my likes and dislikes about the show.

I liked:

*Everything about the series!

I didn’t like:

*I don’t have any dislikes for this DVD! It is just a really awesome series with really awesome episodes that have aired recently.


  1. Anna-Marie says

    i might soon own the Strawberry Shortcake Berry Cafe set OR the Strawberry Shortcake 1980’s 3-Doll set.

  2. Savannah says

    I so want Kira to come over after school. Do u think I should let her come over right after school or at 1:00?

  3. Savannah says

    I wish that I can be just like Candi. She is a character in a book I’m reading and she totally sounds great! Her full name is Candace.

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