DVD Review: The Clique

Everyone knows that one of the hardest things in middle school can be fitting in, so this movie was the greatest option for a Saturday night family movie. My mom convinced me to buy the last copy of the DVD at the store a couple weeks ago, and it was awesome! The film explores the world of cliques, middle school, and trying to fit in

The movie introduces Massie, a popular girl who is in an exclusive, popular group at an upper class middle school. Massie’s life seems perfect, but it turns upside down when her dad’s friends move into their guesthouse. ┬áThen, the film introduces Claire, a girl who is new to the middle school that Massie and her friends go to. Claire tries to fit in, but Massie and her friends exclude her, insult her, and do the types of things that would be considered bullying. Claire decides to get back at Massie, so she does something that, in the end, teaches her a lesson or two about being herself.

What I liked:

– The songs: Find My Place is such an awesome song!

– Claire: She is pretty much my fave character in the whole movie.

-The Morals: Be yourself, treat others as you would like to be treated, I have to say, these are awesome morals that everyone will remember.

What I didn’t like:

– The language: The movie had some awesome morals in it, but one thing I wasn’t too overly thrilled about was the language in the movie. It would NOT be suitable for younger kids due to this.

-One of the parts: I didn’t like how the ‘Clique” was overly mean to Claire.


  1. Anna-Marie says


  2. Massie says

    I also want to know what is your favorite TV show on Family Channel, mine is Shake it Up! It rules!

  3. Anna-Marie says

    To: Massie
    From: Claire
    Subject: I COULDN’T DO THE THINGS @ THE H.U!!!!!

    Hey Massie!

    U wanted 2 know what my fave show on the Family Channel is, and what my favourite class is. Well, my fave class is Science, my least fave class is P.E, my fave TV shows are Good Luck Charlie and JONAS L.A, and my least fave TV shows are…..Fish Hooks, Aaron Stone, Zeke And Luther, I’m In The Band, and Connor Undercover. I might watch one episode of Shake It Up, just to see if I like it or not, so I need 2 know what time it comes on and what day does it come on?

    Anywayz, I just wanted 2 let u know that I COULDN’T DO THE THINGS @ THE H.U (Health Unit)- AGAIN!!!!!!!!! I freaked out BIG TIME! I’m actually kinda embarrassed that all the 6th graders except me were able to do the things.

    L*___, Massie!


  4. Massie says

    So when r u going 2 get them?

    P.S. Shake It Up! is on tonight at 6:30pm I love this show and I love the actress Bella Thorne, she plays CeCe in the show!

  5. Massie says

    It is not at 6:30 sorry! I miss-read the TV guide! I am going 2 watch it when it’s on though but the problem is that it’s on at 10:00pm but I might be able to see it!

  6. Anna-Marie says

    i put my christmas tree up last night, and me and my parents watched A Christmas Story last night too!

  7. Massie says

    It is a movie that Tim Burton made and the Corpse is really kind and sweet and funny even though she is a corpse bride!

  8. Massie says

    I found a website that has a picture from the movie and the website is:

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