Interesting Facts

• Reborn babies are made out of vinyl (I thought they were made out of porcelain), and when they’re painted during the creation process, they are painted with multiple layers to look like they have mottled skin…similar to a real baby! They are also weighed and stuffed to weigh and feel similar to a real […]

DVD Review: “Felicity: An American Girl Adventure”

If you’re wondering why I didn’t post this review yesterday, I was busy, so I’m gonna make up for that by posting the review today! “Felicity: An American Girl Adventure” is an awesome, yet sometimes scary movie. It’s about 10-year-old Felicity living in colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, just before the American Revolution. In the movie, she […]

DVD Review: “Samantha: An American Girl Holiday”

Since I really love the American Girls Collection (sorry, I know it’s Historical Characters, but I like calling it the AGC), and their movies, I thought that each Saturday, I would write a review for one of their movies. This week, I’m starting with their very first movie.   “Samantha: An American Girl Holiday” is […]