Creators of “Glee” release a 3D Concert Movie based on the show

And now…it’s time for the Current Events!

Have you ever heard about the TV series, “Glee”??? I’ve heard about it (who HASN’T heard about it by now?), and a lot of my friends like watching it. I personally don’t like it, but that’s just my opinion. So, for any “Glee” fans out there who decide to look at my blog, I’m happy to announce that there will be a movie based on the TV series!

“Glee: The 3D Concert Movie” is similar to 3D concert movies of the past (think: “Hannah Montana: The Best Of Both Worlds Concert”, “Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience”, “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never”, etc.), because of the fact that it’s in 3D, the fact that it was shot during a hugely popular concert tour, and the fact that it will produce screams of excitement from fans of the series!!

This latest incarnation in the line-up of 3D Concert Films sings its way into theatres August 12th!


  1. Massie says

    What do you think sounds cuter:

    1) Coral Lamé Dress, Navy Blazer, Navy Pumps
    2) Gold Sequin Tunic, Dark Wash Boot-Cut Jeans, Black Flats
    3) Mauve Peasant Blouse, Dark Purple Skirt, White Ankle Boots

  2. Massie says

    So what is Ashmont like? How many schools, malls, houses, etc. In Mission there are 7 schools (Albert McMann Elementary, Christine Morrison Elementary, Cherry Hill Elementary, Windabank Elementary, Hatzic High, Mission Secondary and Heritage High) 2 huge malls (Junction and Mission Hills) so many houses (too many to know, maybe around 50,000)

  3. Anna-Marie says

    Ashmont’s population is 149. I’m not sure how many schools there are, but I think there’s 1 school. I don’t think there are ANY malls, but my estimations could be wrong. I’m not sure how many houses there are.

  4. Anna-Marie says

    As for St. Paul, Alberta, there are lots of STORES (not malls) that I can’t remember the names of, I think there are more houses there compared to Ashmont, and, as for schools, I’m not sure how many there are.

  5. Massie says

    EhMaGawd It would be torture for me to live there! How far is St. Paul from Ashmont??????

  6. Anna-Marie says

    Um…I’m not sure how far it is. It’s not really far away. I think it’s approximately 4 minutes (I could be wrong)

  7. Massie says

    What order do you like these colours: Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple White Black Gray Pink.

    1) Purple
    2) Blue
    3) White
    4) Gray
    6) Red
    7) Black
    8) Pink
    9) Yellow
    10) Orange

    Now what about these: Gold Silver White Platnium Black.

    1) Gold
    2) Platnium
    3) Silver
    4) White
    5) Black

  8. Anna-Marie says

    I’ve been volunteering at the horse rescue, and…doing MORE volunteering at the horse rescue…and…doing more volunteering…

    That’s pretty much all I’ve been doing this summer!

  9. Massie says

    I have been volunteering at the SPCA (that’s where I’m going in 10 minutes) I have been at Kaitlin’s and Michelle’s houses and I have been to like 3 sleepovers and I have had sleepovers and I am gonna go shopping and look at make-up with my buddies.

  10. Cece says

    It was soooo cool! There where dolphins, otters, belugas, seals, octopuses, crabs, fish and at lunch there was a seagull who visited us! After we where driving through Vancouver city and I saw a Gucci store and a Michael Kors store.

  11. Massie says

    I love my new mascara and eyelash curler I bought today! I also got a new Seventeen magazine!

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