Diary Of My Horse Rescue-Volunteering Experience: Day 1

Day 1 (July 3rd, 2011)

I can’t believe how awesome this experience is! I volunteered at a horse rescue place that’s not too far away from where I live, and it was really fun! I met some of the horses there, and they have very cute and unique personalities! I have some pictures of the whole experience, but, first, I’ll tell you what I learned from this:

I learned some of the basic facts about horses (even though I already knew a little bit of info about them). I learned what the best treats for them are (some examples: Apple Wafers, Horse Crunch, etc.), as well as some things to have around, just to be prepared (examples: Lanolin Cream, etc.). It was a really fun experience, and the horses are ADORABLE! Some of the horses I met are:

• Fuzz, who looks almost like Cherry (my horse)

• Blacky, who I actually got to ride BAREBACK (with no saddle)

• Piper, who’s the mom of Lucky (who is very cute, and almost looks like Sparkle, Cherry’s baby)

• Phoenix, who is going through a leg injury (poor baby… 🙁 )

Fuzz…isn’t she adorable???


My dad, meeting Lucky 🙂


Me and Fuzz



Me riding Blacky…with only a little help 🙂


Me brushing Blacky…he was so relaxed, that he was sleeping in this picture 🙂


Me with 2 VERY ADORABLE kitties 🙂


  1. Anna-Marie says

    No, they aren’t my horses. Me and my parents did adopt a few horses from the rescue… 2 miniature horses named Lilly and Annabelle, and a filly named Ace.

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