Diary Of My Horse Rescue-Volunteering Experience: Day 2

Day 2 (July 5th, 2011)

Today’s volunteering experience was awesome! There was a new horse that came to the horse rescue place (his name is Rock), and he’s really pretty. I rode Blacky again, but I did it with no help! The cutest part of the day was when I was standing in the horse shelter. There’s a little “window” in there (it’s not actually a window, but I don’t know what to call it), and Fuzz was peering through the “window”.  I also cuddled the adorable kitties, and I got to talk to some really cute bunnies, too!


One of the very adorable kitties 🙂


Fuzz peering through the “window”…she’s really precious 🙂


Me brushing Blacky


Me filling the water buckets for the horses


Me cuddling one of the very adorable kitties 🙂


Mac (the dog) sleeping with the kitty 🙂


2 very adorable bunnies 🙂 Aren’t they cute?





  1. Anna-Marie says

    Happy birthday 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier but I was busy! I MIGHT be going to Build-A-Bear tomorrow (there’s one in the est edmonton mall), if my dad says yes, and I need ur help. Which Build-A-Bear should I choose (out of 3)?

    1. Regular Hello Kitty
    2. Cookie Dough Blizzard Bear
    3. JONAS dog

  2. Massie says

    Which ever you want. I gave myself a pedicure and I made a collage of pictures of New York, Paris, Italy and California!

  3. Massie says

    I now own every clique book in the series! Prequel to 14 and Massie Summer Collection and Claire Summer Collection.

  4. Massie says

    Tomorrow, I am going to plan outfits for every occasion. The outfits will need to be cute and show that I have M.A.P.

  5. Anna-Marie says

    Guess what? I now have 6 Build-A-Bears, along with the 3 little ones:

    Cayla, the pink leopard (made sometime in 2008 at Disneyland);
    (Katie, the LITTLE version of Cayla, purchased around the same time as Cayla)

    Buildy, the curly lamb and Springtime, the spring hugs bear (both made in March 2009 @ the coquitlam store);
    (Buildy Jr., the LITTLE version of Buildy, purchased…I-don’t-know-when)

    Ella, the snazzy kitty (made in July 2009 (?) at the coquitlam store);
    (Ella Jr., the LITTLE version of Ella, purchased…I don’t know! Maybe around the same time as Ella)

    Charlotte (aka Charlie), the sparkly snow leopard (the bear that you made in christmas 2009 (?) as a christmas gift for me);

    and now.. Hello Kitty (what a creative name! LOL!), the pink cat of the same name! I got 1 outfit for her while I was at Build-A-Bear yesterday, and later today, my mom is probably gonna help me find the box that has most of my Build-A-Bear outfits and accessories, along with Cayla, Charlie, and Katie.

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