Diary Of My Horse Rescue-Volunteering Experience: Day 5

Day 5 (Sunday, July 17th, 2011)

Day 5 at the rescue was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! I rode Blacky with NO HELP AT ALL, and when I was done riding him, I got off all by myself! When I was riding Blacky, Phoenix followed me, which was really cute!

Speaking of Phoenix, he really needs a lot of help right now, so I decided to donate my allowance to the horse rescue! The best part about that is that I get to help the horses (expecially Phoenix), and, fans of the rescue’s Facebook page are starting to donate THEIR money, too! It’s just like what that song says: “With one little action, a chain reaction will always start…”

Me and Blacky…going into the horse shelter


Me and Blacky, finally going out of the horse shelter


I had to make Blacky all pretty before the riding part of hte lesson, so I brushed him


I was riding Blacky with no one leading me…it was a nice (and fun!) change


Me and Blacky…with Phoenix following us 😉


Like always, my mom took a lot of pictures while we were at the rescue, so I stopped Blacky for 1 second, and I turned towards the camera


Me petting Blacky…this was right after the brushing part, but right before the riding part
















  1. Anna-Marie says

    Hmm…the pictures and the captions aren’t working! This is strange, because the other pictures haven’t done this before!

  2. Anna-Marie says

    no, they aren’t! Check one of my other “Diary” posts (click on the category that says “Diary of my horse rescue volunteering experience”), and compare it to this post (in the same category)

  3. Anna-Marie says

    Guess what? In fall 2011, there will be some new Shake It Up fashion dolls, based on the Disney TV series and the successful (???) CD + DVD that we both have! There will only be 2 characters released, and those characters are: CeCe and Rocky.

  4. Massie says

    I am now reading the clique book P.S. I loathe you. It rocks! I think it’s the 10th book in the series!

  5. Massie says

    So tell me, how r u in Ashmont? Tell me every detail. School, Friends, ur House and Ashmont in general. Everything.

  6. Anna-Marie says

    School: For the 2010-2011 school year, when I was at my new school for 3 months, I got amazing marks in math

    Friends: I still haven’t made any friends! Everyone says it’ll take time…

    House: AMAZING! I have 40 acres of property, and my bedroom walls are light pink and light green

    Ashmont: Population 149. It’s a small town, but everyone is VERY NICE!

    The only thing I still haven’t got used to: The country music! Thank goodness I have my iPod, because I have now renamed it my “Survival Tool”

  7. Massie says

    That’s great that u got good marks in math; I’m sad u don’t have any friends there (it will take time); wow 40 acres of Property! Amazing!; population of 149! Tiny Ashmont; country music once scared me! There was a guy on the ratio and he had a creepy scratchy voice when he sang! Thank god u have ur iPod!

  8. Massie says

    Tell me ur 4 favorite TV shows and ur 4 favorite movies (not in order). For me it’s:

    1) CSI: NY
    2) Victorious
    3) iCarly
    4) Shake It Up

    And for Movies:

    1) The Clique
    2) Wild Child
    3) Coraline
    4) Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton version)

  9. Anna-Marie says

    Fave shows:

    1) JONAS L.A.
    2) Shake It Up
    3) A.N.T. Farm
    4) iCarly

    Fave movies:

    1) The Clique
    2) Lemonade Mouth
    3) Ramona And Beezus
    4) Camp Rock

    About the country music: I’m just visualizing what that country singer must’ve sounded like…SCARY!!!!!! I’m SO GLAD that I have an iPod with the Shake It Up CD and the JONAS L.A. CD…now, if only there was a CD for the A.N.T. Farm TV series…

  10. Anna-Marie says

    (If I can find out what channel it’s on where u live, I can figure out the channel where I live)

  11. Anna-Marie says

    Oh, I forgot to mention that for anyone who just discovered this blog, I’ve written about A LOT of things…so you might want to check out my “archives” for more posts on cool stuff 🙂

  12. Anna-Marie says

    i’m not sure what channel YTV is for me.

    What TIME does it air? The time zone in Alberta is 1 hour ahead, so I just need to add 1 hour to the time that u describe

  13. Massie says

    Now I’m reading the 11th book in the clique series Boys R Us! It is so good and funny!

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