DVD Review: “Felicity: An American Girl Adventure”

If you’re wondering why I didn’t post this review yesterday, I was busy, so I’m gonna make up for that by posting the review today!

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure” is an awesome, yet sometimes scary movie. It’s about 10-year-old Felicity living in colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, just before the American Revolution. In the movie, she meets her best friend, Elizabeth, and as the Revolution threatens to pull families and friends apart, Felicity’s family faces a crisis or 2 of their own.

What I Liked:

* The song- This song wasn’t featured directly in the movie, but “Can’t We Still Be Friends?” was featured on the “Meet Felicity: An American Girl” video that was featured on the DVD. However, I purchased the Special Edition DVD of the movie, so for anyone who had purchased the regular version of the movie (without the special features) a long time ago, you might want to save up your allowance to buy the “Circle Of Friends: An American Girl Musical” CD that the song is featured in. (1 warning: the CD is no longer availible from AG’s website).

* The outfits- Considering that I’m a girl who loves fashion and princess outfits, it’s no surprise that the outfits were one of my favourite parts of the movie. My favourite outfit is “Felicity’s Holiday Dress”, which looked GORGEOUS in real-life. I have to admit that I actually want a few outfits like that! (LOL!)

What I Didn’t Like:

* Some of the scenes in the movie- Once again, like the Samantha movie, there are some scenes that may be disturbing to younger viewers. Some examples include:

– The sudden death of Felicity’s beloved grandfather

– Her mother’s near-death experience

– The cruel horse owner, who abused the horse (but Penny becomes Felicity’s horse in the end of the movie, and the horse owner becomes a nice person at the end, too)


  1. Anna-Marie says

    cool! A few months ago, I got the Special Edition DVDs of Samantha: An AG Holiday, and Felicity: An AG Adventure. They r AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Massie says

    Ur so lucky. We have our grade 6 grad on Monday, grade 7 grad on Tuesday and then a fun half last day on Wednesday.

  3. Anna-Marie says

    Because, after a long week of exams (which took place a few weeks ago), we did lots of art, watched movies, and played games!

  4. Massie says

    We practiced for grad for like 3 weeks and before that we were doing nothing really cool except doing nothing.

  5. Massie says

    Wish u could b here. 2Morrow is my B-day party. Bowling. Ice Cream cake from DQ. Kira, Kaitlin, Josilyn and Felicity (not Cassandra, she couldn’t come).

  6. Anna-Marie says

    Wish I could be there 🙁 Can u email me the pictures (using actual email, not AKPOV) of the party when it’s over?

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