The World’s Smallest Horse

Thumbelina is a (very cute) dwarf miniature horse, who’s even tinier than a regular mini horse. She’s 43 centimetres (17 inches) tall and weighs 26 kilograms (57 lbs)., and she officially received the title of “World’s Smallest Horse” by the Guinness Book of World Records! Because she’s a dwarf animal, Thumbelina is stout and possesses short limbs.


World's Smallest Horse



  1. Massie says

    I can’t believe that Ashmont has a population of 149 when Mission has a population of over 37,000!

  2. Anna-Marie says

    #1: Yeah, the horse’s name is Thumbelina. Did u see the pictures?

    #2. WOW! Mission’s population is HUGE compared to Ashmont

    #3. I think I know ur email adress…but i’m not totally sure what it is.

  3. Massie says

    My e-mail is (every time u see a / it is a “new” word) _ _ _ y / _ _ l _ _ _

  4. Massie says

    I am going to a movie with Kaitlin tomorrow, Michelle is coming to my house in 2 days, and I am e-mailing Josilyn right now! My summer is happy!

  5. Anna-Marie says

    Guess what? I’m gonna have 2 more horses soon! Lilly, the mini mare at the horse rescue, had her baby LAST NIGHT! She’s SO CUTE and SO TINY! And, in a while (i’m not sure how long “a while” really is), Lilly and her baby are gonna become part of the family!

  6. Massie says

    I got this gift certificate for a free manicure so I’m gonna go to a spa and get them done. Which colour should I pick?????

    1) Ballet Pink
    2) Royal Purple
    3) Mint Green

  7. Anna-Marie says

    I still haven’t figured out which channel it airs on, so I haven’t watched it!

  8. Anna-Marie says

    I’ve been volunteering at the local horse-rescue all summer, and the horses there are BEYOND CUTE! Expecially Lilly and Annabelle (the baby)

  9. Anna-Marie says

    I’m just wondering: Are you still subscribed to AG Magazine? If yes, did you get the July/August issue of American Girl Magazine?

  10. Anna-Marie says

    i was just wondering, because I didn’t recieve the magazine! They don’t even sell it in the stores here!

  11. Anna-Marie says

    At local stores in my town they have: Discovery Girls, Justin Bieber Magazines (practically the whole magazine shelf is filled with pics of Justin Bieber, and Phineas & Ferb (that TV show on Disney) magazines.

    I need some advice: What should I do in a world where no one is interested in American Girl OR the Jonas Brothers, with everyone being interested in Justin Bieber? Here, no one even KNOWS what American Girl is, and according to research, 2% of people in the WORLD like the Jonas Brothers!

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