This just in! The Jonas Brothers are finally reuniting! With the removal of ‘JONAS L.A.’ from the Family Channel schedule in June 2011, and both Joe and Nick embarking on solo careers, I thought that this generation would forget about the Jonas Brothers in, like, 2 years or something. It must be a dream. Someone PLEASE tell me if I’m dreaming (LOL!)

They released a new song called ‘Dance Until Tomorrow’ around Christmas 2011, but I didn’t know about it until now 🙂 I haven’t listened to this yet, but that will be on my ‘Things To Do’ list… that is, after transferring ‘A Little Bit Longer’ to my iPod! The title sounds quite similar to ‘Set This Party Off’ from the JONAS L.A. soundtrack. I wonder if the 2 tracks will sound similar?

I’ll keep trying to find information about this, and who knows… maybe a new CD will be in the works?


  1. Savannah says

    Today at my school, in1st block, they closed it down and sent all the students home! SNOW DAY!!!!!

  2. Anna-Marie says

    I haven’t seen that movie yet.

    It’s cool that you got a Snow Day 🙂 After school (when everyone was on the bus), the bus driver said that everyone has to listen to the radio or check the weather forecast, because it might be too cold to go 2 school tomorrow (it might happen…)

  3. Anna-Marie says

    SNOW DAY!!!! Actually, it’s more of a COLD DAY! It’s too cold for the buses to run today, so there isn’t any school 🙂 First thing this morning, my mom walked into my room, and turned KOOL 101.3 on to listen to the forecast… sure enough, school was canceled 🙂

  4. Savannah says

    My school was cancelled today too! Snow Days are amazing! I wonder if either of us will have school tomorrow?

  5. Savannah says

    So I’ve had an awesome week! On Monday – no school. Tuesday – no school. Wednesday – School 🙁 . Thursday – no school and tomorrow we won’t have school either!!!!!! It was a totally fabulous school week of 1 day!!!

  6. Savannah says

    Isn’t it the best? I really love the weather over here right now, too. Not much school going on.

  7. Savannah says

    Today one of my teachers wasn’t here (I have 3 and it was the one I hate the most!) so we had a sub.

  8. Savannah says

    Today, I have a pro-d day! My next semester (the 3rd) starts on Monday so that means… NEW ELECTIVE!!!! (squeal!!!!!!!)

  9. Anna-Marie says

    I’m so excited about next week 🙂


    No School

    School, but grades 5-9 at school (including me) will be going on a Ski Trip, so technically there’s NO SCHOOL


    I’m not really sure. Most of the grade 7 students will be going to a volleyball game, but I’m not going. They will probably leave at 2:00 pm (i hour before school lets out for the day) so it might mean that a) I will get picked up early, b) I’ll stay home from school (although I don’t think that will happen) or c) classes will continue as normal (unless I’m the only student who ISN’T going to the volleyball game)

  10. Anna-Marie says

    UPDATE: This is my schedule for the school week:

    Monday: School
    Tuesday: No School
    Wednesday: Field Trip (which will last all day, so there won’t be any classes going on)
    Thursday: School
    Friday: No School

  11. Savannah says

    For me it’s: School all week. But it’ll be cool because I’m with my friends (sadly, one of my besties is moving to Coquitlam)

  12. Anna-Marie says

    Actually, it’s

    Monday: School
    Tuesday (today): No school
    Wednesday: Ski trip
    Thursday: School
    Friday: Early Dismissal

  13. Anna-Marie says

    It was semester break, and the teachers had some kind of meeting called ‘Faith Development Day’, I think

  14. Anna-Marie says

    yeah, it’s some kind of meeting that the teachers have, which means a Pro-D Day for the students 🙂 Tomorrow, I’m getting out of school at 2:00, because that’s when everyone is leaving for the volleyball game, but since i’m not going to the volleyball game, my mom is gonna pick me up early 🙂

  15. Savannah says

    Today, I have the pefrect day! First is my elective which is art, then social studies where we learn about ancient greece (weirdly cool), then lunch with my besties, french and then english! Best day ever!!!

  16. Anna-Marie says

    Sorry I haven’t answered for a long time, but I’ve been really busy lately. I’ll make sure I answer.

  17. Anna-Marie says

    cool! On Friday, the morning started like any typical school day, but in the afternoon, around 1:00, there was a concert featuring ‘Seventh Rain” 🙂 It was awesome!

  18. Anna-Marie says

    Hi, Savy!

    Sorry I haven’t commented in a long time, but I have been SUPER busy… I have a lot of things to tell you!

    Seventh Rain is a band that promotes Standing Up To Bullying. After seeing them in concert, they are my second favourite band… but they might be moved to the #1 spot in the near future.

    Cherry (my horse) had her baby on April 9th. She’s BEAUTIFUL! Go to my Facebook page to see pictures 🙂 I’ll also post some pictures here 🙂

    I have started attending Youth Group in Ashmont on Friday nights. It’s really fun 🙂 Once again, I will do a post about all the fun things I have been doing lately, so stay tuned for a post about that 🙂

    It has taken 1 year, but I have FINALLY made some really good friends (at school, and outside of school as well) 🙂 My friends at school are Billy, Sara, Mikayla, Mandy, and Michelle 🙂

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