My Life In Alberta… I’m Loving It :)

Well, it’s been one year since me, my mom, and my dad moved to Alberta, and I have to say, I’m loving it here! There are some things I haven’t gotten used to, such as all the country music (thank goodness I have my iPod!), but other things I’ve gotten used to just fine! I decided to post a huge update on my life in Alberta.

1. Pets: Since we (me, my mom, and my dad) moved here, there have been A LOT of new additions to the family.

When we moved here, we had 4 cats and 2 dogs. When we arrived, on March 25th, 2011, we instantly got a new cat named Fluffy (the previous owner said that she was an outdoor cat, but now she’s an indoor one). On June 5th, 2 llamas named Benny and Juliette, and 2 horses named Cherry and Sparkle became a part of the family. They brought the total number of pets to 11. Fast forward to August 2011, when we adopted 2 miniature horses named Lilly and Annabelle. In November 2011, we adopted a beautiful Quarab filly named Ace. Then, in April, Cherry had her baby… a beautiful filly named Faith. Now, we have 15 pets.

2. Friendships/Fun Stuff: When I started at my new school in April of 2011, I had a really hard time making friends. It took a very long time, but I’m finally starting to make some friends 🙂 I have started going to Youth Group every Friday night at the church in Ashmont. It’s really fun! Some examples of things we do are: Wii Sports tournaments, movie nights, crafts, playing sports (like basketball, for example), etc.





  1. Savannah says

    Hey, sorry I haven’t answered in like, three months but I was busy with exams and friends and stuff. I am also starting to make a new website! I’ll keep you up on the details.

  2. Savannah says

    It’s pretty much about random stuff: Fashion, Beauty, Trends, Recipes, School, Organisation, Shopping. Stuff like that. I think it’ll be cool.

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