The X Factor, and ‘The Voice’: 2 of my favourite TV shows

I am a huge fan of TV shows such as ‘The Voice’, etc. So when I heard that ‘The X Factor’ was coming to North America (the U.S.) last year, I was excited. When ‘The X Factor USA’ premiered in September 2011, I watched it.

I’m also a HUGE fan of Demi Lovato, so in May of this year, when I heard that she was going to be one of the new judges on the show (along with Britney Spears), I got EXTREMELY EXCITED about this new season of The X Factor. One of my favourite Disney Channel (actually, FORMER-Disney-Channel) stars, on one of my favourite TV shows! Could this get any more awesome?

A while ago, I found out the answer to that question when I ‘liked’ Jordan Pruitt on Facebook. There was a picture on her Facebook page, with the caption, “I auditioned for season 3 of ‘The Voice’! Tune in September 10th to see how I did!”. On September 24th, her audition finally aired, and I was very impressed with the results (although I was kinda surprised that none of the judges knew who she was…)! Here’s the video of her audition:


After Jordan’s audition aired, ‘The Voice’ did a recap of ‘the best of the Blind Auditions’. I thought that was the end of the awesomeness. Apparently not!

On Thursday night, I was watching ‘The X Factor’. It was the final ‘Boot Camp’ episode, where the judges chose 32 contestants (from the large number of contestants that auditioned) for the next round. There was a preview of next week’s episode (‘Judges’ Homes’: Part 1), and I was like, “Is that Justin Bieber?” I learned that he is going to be a guest mentor on L.A. Reid’s team for the ‘Judges’ Homes’. I wasn’t too excited about that. But, my opinion on the ‘Judges’ Homes’ for season 2 changed after discovering this: Nick Jonas is going to be a guest mentor on Demi Lovato’s team. Oh. My. Gosh! I practically SCREAMED when I discovered that! I’m one of Nick’s BIGGEST FANS, and I’m SUPER EXCITED about the new episode of ‘TXF’!!!!


3 former-Disney-Channel-stars + 2 awesome music-competition TV shows = AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!


Update (as of Saturday, October 13th, 2012): I watched the 2 new episodes of ‘The X Factor’ this week, and they were awesome! I can’t believe how much talent there is on that show 😉


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