First Time

Make it feel like the FIRST TIME! Sounds like something a former Disney-star would release. The JoBros are at it again, with their new single, ‘First Time’. They released the official audio track for the song on Tuesday, on their YouTube channel, and I’m pretty impressed. Of course, why wouldn’t I be, seeing that I […]

Is Justin Bieber Losing His Popularity?

2013. The year of new music. The year of boy-band comebacks (such as NKOTB, for example). The year… that Justin Bieber tanked… So, it was just announced that the Biebs will release a new song called ‘Heartbreaker’. Which isn’t really a surprise, seeing that he broke the heart of ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez (or was it […]

Summer Style: The Perfect Manicures

As Savannah mentioned in an earlier post, summer is just around the corner. A lot of awesome things are happening in June, such as the release of Miley Cyrus’ new song, the end of the school year, and more! Summer also means ACCESSORIZING! And what better thing to talk about than the perfect manicures for […]