Music Review: “Acoustic Hearts of Winter”

A few years ago (all the way back in 2006), when Hannah Montana (err… MILEY CYRUS), the Jonas Brothers, and High School Musical were all the rage, there were a few artists who were… kinda underrated in the Disney scene. One of these artists/bands: two sisters named Aly and AJ. I remember when I was […]

Music Review: “Last Christmas” (CD Single)

Music artists love re-working holiday classics to make them their own, and Ariana Grande is no exception! The “Right There” singer/Nickelodeon star released the first of four Christmas songs last week, which will make up her Christmas EP that she’s been talking about on Twitter for the past few weeks. For the first single off […]

My November Favourites

Gosh, it seems like the holidays should be here already! Yesterday when I was shopping in the city, some of the stores were already playing Christmas music, and they had Christmas decorations out! I typically love November, but I want it to be December already!!!!! So that’s why I’m posting this earlier than I usually […]

Demi Lovato’s New Music Video: “Let It Go”

There’s a new Disney movie coming to theatres soon, called “Frozen”! And, as typical with Disney movies, a famous star usually records one or two songs for the soundtrack 🙂 This is exactly what Demi Lovato has done! She’s come back to where she started, as an actress/singer for Disney Channel, and recorded a new […]