Concert Review: Selena Gomez ‘Stars Dance Tour’ at Rexall Place, Edmonton

In June, I was given the opportunity to see Taylor Swift in concert as part of the RED Tour 2013. I did. And recently (i.e. a few months ago), I got the same opportunity, only with a different artist. Selena Gomez.

Now, before I begin this article, let me tell you one thing: IT. WAS. AWESOME. No need to explain; the concert lived up to my expectations. Which, considering I’ve been a fan of Selena forever, wasn’t a whole lot.

You may be wondering HOW I became a fan of Selena in the first place. It started in 2007, around the time Wizards of Waverly Place premiered. I saw her on the show, and thought, “Who is this girl? Oh well, she’s gonna become really popular on Disney in a few years anyway.” I didn’t even know she was also a singer, until a few years later. In 2009, I was watching the movie for WOWP, and there was a commercial afterwards. I still remember the Disney Channel voiceover in that commercial. “Hey, did you know Selena Gomez is in a band? Catch The Scene’s new music video for “Falling Down” right after Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.” So, of course, I stayed tuned, watched the music video, and downloaded that song the second I got an iPod touch for Christmas that year 🙂

But that wasn’t all. I also downloaded another song off her album, “Naturally”, and became a Selenator (a fan of Selena Gomez). Then, I got “A Year Without Rain” and “When The Sun Goes Down” for Christmas in 2011. Now all I needed was the rest of “Kiss & Tell” 😀

So you can probably imagine my surprise when my mom bought 4 tickets for Selena’s concert on August 17th. The tickets were for me, my mom, my dad, and my nephew (Shane). But my dad decided to give his ticket to Emma (my friend), so she could see her role model in concert. It was awesome 🙂

Opening Acts:

The first opening act, Christina Grimmie, came on at around 7:00 pm. I had heard her songs on YouTube prior to the concert, and she was pretty good in my opinion 🙂

Set list: Who the heck knows what her setlist is? Cause I can’t remember! Guess I’ll have to look on Google xD

After Christina’s performance, I was in for the surprise of my LIFE! Guess who was the 2nd opening act on this tour? The newest boy-band to hit the music scene: Emblem3.


I recognized them from The X Factor, and I knew how good they were, but I still couldn’t believe this. I mean, I KNEW they were opening for Selena, but still, I couldn’t believe they were standing there, on that stage at Rexall. It was just… amazing. I screamed my head off, and remember shouting “I LOVE YOU!” a million times. Luckily, I didn’t know any of their songs (hardly) at the time, so I didn’t risk losing my voice like last time around. OMG, they were AMAZING! So amazing, in fact, that I’ve officially moved on from the Jonas Brothers. They’re still awesome/good/IDK what to say, but E3 is “much better”, in my opinion 🙂

Set list: “XO”, “Just For One Day”,  “3000 Miles”, “Sunset Blvd”/”Diamonds” (Rihanna cover), “Chloe (You’re The One I Want)”


Headlining the Tour: Selena Gomez

The whole point of this post is to recap the ah-mazing experience that was the Stars Dance Tour. And who released an album called ‘Stars Dance’? Who is the person I’ve been talking about for this whole post?


Selena Gomez. I might’ve obsessed over the opening acts on this tour (er… I might’ve obsessed over EMBLEM3), but Selena IS headlining this tour, after all. If I hadn’t become a fan of her and downloaded that song in 2009, I wouldn’t have gone to the concert.

The whole show was amazing, to be honest. Emma and I sang the words to every song, and screamed, “WE LOVE YOU, SELENA!” in sync many times. However, this time, I didn’t lose my voice! Yay! 😀

Set list: “Bang Bang Bang”, “Round and Round”, “Like a Champion”, “B.E.A.T” / “Work” (Iggy Azalea cover), “Stars Dance”, “Write Your Name”, “Birthday” / “Birthday Cake” (Rihanna cover), “Love You Like a Love Song”, “Love Will Remember”, “Dream” (Priscilla Ahn cover)/”Royals” (Lorde cover), “Who Says”, “Whiplash”, “Naturally”, “Undercover”, “A Year Without Rain”, “Come & Get It”, “Slow Down”



• Selena said this speech before “Love Will Remember”, and Emma and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to scream, “I LOVE YOU, SELENA!”. She stopped talking for a few seconds to acknowledge us while we said that.

• During the finale, “Slow Down”, Emma waved at Sel, and she waved back! OMG, that was super cool! 😀

• The “post-concert screaming-fangirl” thing. While we were waiting for my dad to come back with the truck, we heard a whole bunch of screaming girls. Shane then said, “she’s in the tour bus right now, or on her way there.” INSTANT FREAKOUT MOMENT!!! Emma and I were about to chase after the tour bus, but my mom stopped us. Oh well, my dad said he was 15 feet away from Selena, so that made up for it 😀

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