Is Justin Bieber Losing His Popularity?

2013. The year of new music. The year of boy-band comebacks (such as NKOTB, for example). The year… that Justin Bieber tanked…

So, it was just announced that the Biebs will release a new song called ‘Heartbreaker’. Which isn’t really a surprise, seeing that he broke the heart of ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez (or was it the other way around?). Hey, Selena, you’re better off without that d-bag anyways! But a new single might not increase his popularity, in my opinion. He’s done some pretty questionable things in the recent past. Spitting on his neighbour (he’d better watch it; his neighbour’s a huge pro football player!), racing around the neighbourhood in his sports car like a nutbar, got tossed out of a bar due to underage friends accompanying him… what else? Oh, yeah, he’s done about a million other things!

Such as… strutting around the streets of London with his shirt off and his tighty-whities showing.

the biebs_edited-1

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if the fartsack lost his recording contract with Schoolboy Records. Because honestly, I’ve never been a fan of him. What do you think of this?




  1. says

    what is a 17 yo kid doing behind the wheel of a Ferrari anyayws?? I mean seriously I wonder where he will be in a couple of years with whatever he wants he gets where’s the parental control? where’s the values he’s learning?huge tsk!

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