Jonas Brothers Announce Karmin as Opening Tour Act

So, it looks like the Jonas Brothers will be going on tour with the group, Karmin, this year. They recently posted the following update on Facebook:

So excited to have you on the road for JONAS BROTHERS LIVE with us Karmin!!!

~Jonas Brothers, official update on Facebook

Karmin is a pop group/duo made up of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan. They’re best known for their song, “Brokenhearted”, which reached the top 20 in the U.S., and the top 10 in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom (not sure about where it charted in Canada). They’ve become quite famous over the past few years, being previously known for their covers, which included songs by Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj.

Personally, I’m excited to hear this. I remember hearing ‘Brokenhearted’ on the radio a few months ago and having it stuck in my head for the longest time after that! And the fact that they’re touring with one of the most popular boy-bands ever, will increase their popularity even more! Now, if only they would perform in Edmonton 😉



  1. Anna-Marie says

    I heard both songs (Brokenhearted and Hello) on YouTube. I didn’t really like ‘Hello’ much, but I LOVED ‘Brokenhearted’. And to hear that they’re going on tour with ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BANDS, is just… OMG-amazing! (LOL!)

    This is the first time I’ve been excited about a JB concert since the Burnin’ Up tour in 2008 (JB, Demi Lovato, and Taylor Swift. Could it get anymore awesome?!), and I WISH I could see them in concert!

  2. Savannah says

    So today was my last exam, and I went to Chelsea’s barbecue and it was so funny! And oh my god, now it’s summer! I’m so excited!

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