Miley Cyrus’ New Single: ‘We Can’t Stop’

It seems like all the Disney (I mean… FORMER-Disney) stars have been making comebacks. I mean, Demi Lovato released her 4th album a couple weeks ago, the Jonas Brothers released ‘Pom Poms’ (that song about cheerleading…), and now, I just learned that Miley Cyrus is releasing a new song in just a few days!

‘We Can’t Stop’, the former-Hannah Montana star’s next single, will make its debut on June 3rd, she confirmed during the Billboard Music Awards on May 19th. Cyrus will premiere the song (which is produced by Mike WiLL Made-It) on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show next month (or… in a few days, at this point). It’ll precede her still-untitled 4th studio album, which follows 2010’s ‘Can’t Be Tamed’.

“I feel like I can really be myself. I really have more of a connection of who I am, and I feel like I can maybe express that more in my music now.”

~Miley Cyrus, in an interview with Cambio at the Billboard Music Awards

About ‘We Can’t Stop’, she added, “Me and Mike-WiLL [Made-It] teamed up, and it really just turned out to be perfect and exactly what I wanted, and exactly what I wanted my first sound to be, and my first look to be. I think it’s an important message for me to tell my fans — they haven’t stopped waiting, so it’s great.”

Are you looking forward to Miley’s new song? Why or why not?



  1. Anna-Marie says

    IKR?!?! She’s changed SO MUCH since 2006, and I’m hoping this new song will be better than ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ (personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of that song/album). 🙂

  2. Savannah says

    I kinda liked it, since my mom was all like “Miley is going to come out with more country music now that there’s no Hannah” and I’m just like “I want rock and pop”. I won that battle. I like Can’t Be Tamed, it’s a good kind of dance-club sorta song.

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