Music Review: “Last Christmas” (CD Single)

Music artists love re-working holiday classics to make them their own, and Ariana Grande is no exception! The “Right There” singer/Nickelodeon star released the first of four Christmas songs last week, which will make up her Christmas EP that she’s been talking about on Twitter for the past few weeks.

For the first single off the EP, Grande recorded a cover of Wham’s 1984 trademark track “Last Christmas.” Now, this is nothing new; as many other artists including Britt Nicole, Ashley Tisdale, and Taylor Swift have recorded this song, but Ariana did something different. She took the basic framework and chorus of the original “Last Christmas” and built her own new song from its bones.

“I hate that I remember / I wish I could forget / What you did last December / You left my heart a mess / Boy, you blew it / How could you do it,” she sings at the very start of her “Last Christmas”, so you can tell something’s going to be different right off the bat.

Instead of following the traditional verses, which generally fall in line with the scales and flows of the chorus, Grande alongside her producers (Babyface and The Rascals) made their own thing. Grande’s verses are bouncy and include a more poppy, R&B vibe than the original. This actually falls along the lines of what was on her debut album, “Yours Truly”.

Lyrically, Grande also focuses more on the break-up aspect of “Last Christmas”, asking the boy who broke her heart how dare he left her on Christmas Day. I know, it seems kinda melodramatic. But it’s a Christmas song (Taylor Swift’s 2007 original song, “Christmases When You Were Mine”, falls along the same theme), and I like it anyways 😉

So, does the reimagining and reworking of “Last Christmas” work? Yes. Some people might be annoyed at the changes Grande made to this song, but in my opinion, the song fits both her personality and her fanbase better than the original. I don’t think this song will become a CLASSIC like the original or even more traditional covers, but it’ll do for 2013 🙂 Rating: 5/5 stars

You can listen to Ariana’s new song below:

Ok, I’ve already told you what I think of the song. Flawless, as usual. Now, I wanna hear what you think of this song. Is it your absolute favourite Christmas song, or is is just “ok”? Do you think it’ll become a classic eventually? Feel free to comment, telling me your thoughts about this song. And be on the lookout for more Christmas song reviews, because I just found out that Ariana will be releasing 3 more songs before the holidays 😀


  1. Anna-Marie says

    IKR?! And she’s releasing another Christmas song, like, next Tuesday! The next one is an original, called “Love Is Everything” 😀

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