Summer Style: The Perfect Manicures

As Savannah mentioned in an earlier post, summer is just around the corner. A lot of awesome things are happening in June, such as the release of Miley Cyrus’ new song, the end of the school year, and more! Summer also means ACCESSORIZING! And what better thing to talk about than the perfect manicures for this upcoming season?!?!?! 😀

So, I hung out with one of my friends a couple weeks ago, and she painted my nails (her mom is a nail technician, so she knows a few things about manicures. And besides, we all know that I’m not the greatest at applying nail polish ;)). I have 4 words to describe my nails: Cute. Summer-y. And trendy! This leads into the first ‘perfect manicure’ I’ve discovered…



Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Tough As Nails ‘Hot Pink’ (not sure if that’s the exact colour; I’ll check later). OPI ‘Black Swan’ (which I like to call ‘Heart Attack’).

How It Works: Emma (my friend) painted my nails in the hot pink colour. Then using the edge of the nail-polish-applicator, she carefully painted polka-dots in various sizes using the ‘Heart Attack’ polish. I think this is an awesome trend for summer, although it took a long time to do this. (Explanation: I was wearing some sparkly, light-pink nail polish before, and it took forever to remove that. Warning: Sparkles don’t come off easily ;))


I’ll add more styles as I come across them, so this post will be constantly updated with all the cool trends for manicures this summer 🙂




  1. Savannah says

    That manicure is totes adorbs! Me and my friends are going to the mall on Saturday and I’m gonna do this super cute manicure, so I’m gonna post a pic.

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