Taylor Swift, ‘Pom Poms’, and ‘Finding Nemo 2’ (otherwise known as COMPLETE AND TOTAL RANDOMNESS!)

So, this post is about randomness, as you probably figured out by the title 😉 A lot of things have happened recently, that I thought I would post about.

1. Taylor Swift! Ok, you might be wondering, Why the heck is she posting about Taylor Swift? Well, this is exciting news. Last month (no, actually, 2 MONTHS AGO), I saw a commercial for the ‘RED Tour’, that mentioned 2 concerts at Rexall Place. After asking my parents if they would try to get concert tickets for my birthday, I came home from school the next day, and my mom told me the great news, that she got the tickets! (To which I started screaming my head off with excitement exclaimed, “Ohmygosh! I can’t WAIT until the concert! OMG!!!”)

So, it’s official! I am seeing Taylor Swift in concert. At Rexall Place. On June 26th. Which also happens to be the day before the last day of school! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll definitely post more about that when the time comes 🙂


2. ‘Pom Poms. Ok, NOW you might think I’m insane. But I’m not the one who’s insane here. The Jonas Brothers released a new song on Tuesday, and it’s called exactly what I said before. ‘Pom Poms’. What a strange title (LOL!). Upon first listen, I immediately assumed it was about cheerleading (hence the title), but now I’ve kinda found the hidden message of the song. That the ‘JoBros’, as I call them, are no longer Disney artists, and that they’ve started writing/recording more mature songs. In a way, I was kinda skeptical about their comeback w/ more mature stuff. But now that I’ve heard a preview of what’s to come… I like it.

When I heard that 60-second preview of the song prior to its release, I immediately thought of Nick Jonas & The Administration (need I remind you of the songs that were on ‘Who I Am’, and my review for EACH SONG?). However, unlike 60% of ‘Who I Am’, this song was pretty good. So, I downloaded it on iTunes, sent it to my BFF (the #1 fan of the Jonas Brothers), and have convinced a local radio station here to play the song! All in 4 days!


3. ‘Finding Nemo 2’. Thank you Savannah for telling me about this! So, apparently there’s going to be a SEQUEL to ‘Finding Nemo’. It’s going to be released in 2015, and it’s supposedly titled, ‘Finding Dory’, but it’s still a SEQUEL! 😀


  1. Anna-Marie says

    IKR? The most random thing, I think, was ‘Pom Poms’. Why would they name a song THAT?!?!?! And there was an interview with the Jonas Brothers on eTalk last night, which just made this post even more random! 😀

  2. Anna-Marie says

    P.S.: Sorry I didn’t see your comment until just now. I’ve been really busy lately 😉

  3. Savannah says

    I just listened to Pom Poms and it sounds very Bruno Mars-y. That’s so not an adjective, but whatevs.

  4. Anna-Marie says

    When I first heard it, the one thing I thought was “This sounds like ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’!” I think I know where they got the inspiration for this song…

    On another note, I’m totally excited about June 26th!

  5. Anna-Marie says

    So, you’re saying that… despite the crazy title, ‘Pom Poms’ is actually GOOD?!?!?!?!?! That’s a surprise. I mean, you’ve never really liked the Jonas Brothers… 🙂

  6. Anna-Marie says

    ^ I’m kinda helping with the promotion of the song, if you didn’t figure it out already 😉

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