Top 5 Ways To Decorate Your Room For Fall

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(inspired by Bethany’s video)

Are you looking for ways to decorate your room for fall? Well, look no further! I watched an amazing video recently by Macbarbie07 (Bethany), that showed some cool ideas on how to do this. I also got a few ideas from friends, and that is why I’m writing this post today 🙂

(By the way, if you haven’t seen the video, I strongly advise you to watch it here: )

1. Replace the cool colours/shades with warmer ones- It’ll give more of a cozy, warm, fall-ish look. A simple way to do that is to replace your bedspread with a warmer-coloured one. (In Bethany’s vid, she had a white bedspread that she just replaced the pink one with) If you don’t have an extra bedspread, you can always buy autumn-themed accent pillows 🙂

2. DIY- There are some awesome DIY ideas in the video above, such as “Fall-Filled Jars” (Jars filled with pinecones and candy corn :D). and wall art. If you see the video and have the materials, I recommend you try some of these crafts… it’ll definitely make your room look AMAZING!

3. GLITTERY PUMPKINS- Yes, you read that right. In the video, Bethany shows how to completely bling out pumpkins for Halloween/fall. Let me tell you, as a fan of glitter/sparkles/other blinged-out items, I’m totally trying this 🙂 Basically, it just involves glitter/sparkles, glue, and a pumpkin 🙂

4. Candles- If you have any candles that smell like fall (I don’t even know how to word that correctly! LOL!),  go ahead and set them up in your room… it’ll add a cozy effect, and your room will smell AMAZING! If you don’t have any candles (or can’t use ’em, cause you live in a log house like me! LOL! :)), you can use a Scentsy Warmer with any scent you think smells like fall. I used the Cupcake Warmer with the scent, “Welcome Home”. Not kidding, it smells like a pumpkin-spice latte!

5. Lights- If you have any plain Christmas lights, you can just add them wherever you think they’ll look nice. It’ll give off a nice effect 🙂

And those were my top 5 ideas for decorating your room for fall, based on MacBarbie07’s video. Hope you liked the post! What are some of your fave room-decorating ideas for this season? Tell me in the comments below 🙂

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