UPDATE! Could this be the end of the JoBros?

Since 2007, they’ve taken the teen-pop/Disney Channel world by storm, releasing 4 albums, a concert movie, a TV show, and millions of concert tours. And this might be the end of the Jonas Brothers.


On October 9th, 2013, the guys announced the cancellation of their 19-show fall concert tour, just 2 days before it was supposed to kick off. A representative said that the cause was a “deep rift between the band,” about creative differences regarding their 5th album, “V”. They said they would talk about this situation over the weekend and decide whether the best thing to do is end the band, or what. Either way, they already let millions of fans down.

The tour was supposed to kick off on October 11th in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. And there have been some new reports about the JoBros. These reports say that they’re breaking up as a band for the second time. Nick even confirmed it in an interview! No one knows if they’ll “get back together” (insert Taylor Swift song here!), soon, but who knows what could happen? My concern is the release of their new album. The album was supposed to be released sometime in Fall 2013. It’s still October, so there’s time left. But with this sudden announcement, plus the birth of Kevin and Danielle’s baby girl in January 2014, it’s making me wonder if the album will be released next year instead… or whether or not will be released at all. What are your thoughts?


EDIT (as of October 22nd, 2013): It seems like the JoBros finally decided it was time to make contact with their fans about this. Both Nick and Joe tweeted the following:

“Bear with us.”

~Nick Jonas

WOOHOO! An update about the whole situation! It’s short, and we still don’t know what happened, but finally, something that doesn’t say “We’ll explain this soon.” (After waiting 2 years for the new album, many fans started to lose faith in the word “soon”)

“Please hold while we get our sh** together.”

~Joe Jonas

All I have to say is: it’s about time they say something! Now, if only they would explain why the tour was cancelled. Personally, I think they cancelled it because of low ticket sales, but I’m not completely sure.

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