February Favourites 2014 + Birthday Wishlist!

In the midst of all the drama over Ravenswood being cancelled, I almost forgot to post my February favourites! I’m not going to include any pictures this time, but there will be more categories besides music and makeup. Also, guess what’s happening in 5 weeks as of today? My B-DAY!!!!!! So I thought I would […]

Breaking News: ABC Family Channel cancels ‘Ravenswood’

Disappointing news for fans of ‘Ravenswood’; the ABC Family Channel has just announced that they are cancelling the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ spinoff starring Tyler Blackburn, Nicole Anderson, and more. The show only lasted one season, but the viewer numbers aren’t high enough to renew the show for another season. Are you upset about Ravenswood being […]

My Valentines Day Playlist 2014

Valentines Day is TOMORROW and I absolutely can’t wait! So I decided I would share my V-Day music playlist with you all. (In no particular order…) 1. “When You Look Me In The Eyes” -Jonas Brothers Jonas Brothers (2007) 2.  “Today Was A Fairytale” -Taylor Swift Valentines Day soundtrack (2010) 3.  “This Kiss” -Carly Rae […]