Music Review: “Don’t Lose Yourself” (C.D. Single)

If any of you have checked out the “Welcome” page on my blog, you might have noticed a little surprise at the bottom of the page… Along with a simple post welcoming you to this blog, I also attached the acoustic version of Jordan Pruitt’s song “Don’t Lose Yourself”, which a lot of people liked. […]

Is Emblem3 Breaking Up? Fans Are Heartbroken as Drew Chadwick Leaves Group

Sad news for all Emblem3 fans today… it was just announced that Drew Chadwick will be leaving the group to focus on his solo career. The statement was released yesterday, via a blog post on the band’s official website. “While we regret sharing this news, we as a group need to share that Drew has […]

Summer Style: What’s In My Beach Bag (UPDATED)

So, summer is just around the corner, and it’s likely that people will be doing a lot of fun stuff such as going shopping at the mall with friends, tanning at the beach, reading magazines poolside… I’m pretty sure you get the idea! So here’s a post about what’s in my beach bag! (Please note; […]

May / June Favourites 2014

I guess it’s too late to post my favourites for May, and too early to post my June favourites, so I thought, why not combine them in one post? A while ago, I mentioned that from now on, I would be doing my favourites posts every second month, and I’m still following through with that idea. […]