Breaking News: ABC Family Channel cancels ‘Ravenswood’

Disappointing news for fans of ‘Ravenswood’; the ABC Family Channel has just announced that they are cancelling the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ spinoff starring Tyler Blackburn, Nicole Anderson, and more.

ravenswood 2

The show only lasted one season, but the viewer numbers aren’t high enough to renew the show for another season.

Are you upset about Ravenswood being cancelled?


  1. Anna-Marie says

    I’ve never seen either of the shows (PLL or Ravenswood), so I’m not really sad that it’s cancelled…

  2. Anna-Marie says

    I might (try to) watch it sometime 🙂 (And… I think this cancellation means Caleb will return to PLL, so chances are he will get back together with Hanna)

  3. Anna-Marie says

    I know, right? Unless he decides to move on from PLL, and on to other projects… which I highly doubt, but it could still happen!

  4. says

    I totally don’t think it will, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna come back, because Ravenswood being made was the only reason why he left PLL. So he should return (or at least I’m hoping!)

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