Concert Review: Demi Lovato ‘World Tour’ at Rexall Place, Edmonton (Part 1 / 2)

On October 4th, 2014, I was given an incredible opportunity…

To see Demi Lovato in concert.

Ok, so I know what you’re probably thinking; You SAW ANOTHER FAMOUS TEEN POP SENSATION IN CONCERT?!?!?! OMG, this girl is so lucky! She saw DEMI LOVATO in concert! And this is the third concert she’s blogged about! But it wasn’t really that exciting… it was just another concert.

demi lovato resized

Actually, it was one of the MOST EXCITING THINGS THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME SO FAR THIS YEAR. Well, besides going to YC Alberta and becoming a contributor to the Polished blog.

Because of how epic the tour is, this is actually going to be a huge post, so I’m dividing it into 2 parts!

Part 1: How I Became A “Lovatic” (A Fan of Demi Lovato)

camprock soundtrack

June 20th, 2008: Camp Rock premiered on Disney Channel

demi lovato don't forget

September 23rd, 2008: Demi Lovato’s debut album, Don’t Forget, was released, and proved to be a huge hit.

So, I became a fan of Demi Lovato on June 20th, 2008, when the original Camp Rock movie premiered on Disney Channel. I thought she had a nice singing voice, then officially decided she would be one of my favorite singers. Throughout the rest of the year, I saw her in music videos, movies (because the Camp Rock movie replayed many times that year), and even in the Jonas Brothers’ Concert Movie (she was an opening act on their Burnin’ Up Tour that year). Then, in November or December 2008, I finally convinced my parents to let me buy her debut album, Don’t Forget, which I listened to on repeat for the whole rest of that year.


February 8th, 2009: Sonny With A Chance premiered in the U.S.; it premiered in Canada one month later.

princess protection program

June 26th, 2009: Princess Protection Program, starring Lovato and her real-life BFF Selena Gomez, premiered on Disney Channel. The film won a Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer TV Show shortly after that.

In March 2009, just before my birthday that year, there were a whole bunch of premieres on Disney Channel as part of their Spring Break lineup. These premieres included the original movie Dadnapped starring Emily Osment (does anyone remember that movie?), new episodes of Life With Derek, Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and others… along with a bunch of new shows, including one I’d never heard of before– Sonny With A Chance. Who was the star of SWAC? Demi Lovato. Knowing how talented she was from previous experiences, I watched that show when it premiered (then shortly after that, I decided to start a blog and write an article about the premiere!), and enjoyed it! And later that year, came the release of Princess Protection Program (starring Lovato and her real-life BFF at the time, Selena Gomez). That’s still one of the greatest DCOMs of all time!

here we go again

July 21st, 2009: Demi’s sophomore album, Here We Go Again, was released, and her career skyrocketed after that.

Lovato also released her sophomore album, Here We Go Again, that same year. The video for the title track aired on Disney countless times, and Lovato’s fame/career skyrocketed. I didn’t buy her album immediately (in fact, I finally downloaded it to my phone last year), but I enjoyed all the new songs that I heard (Here We Go Again, Remember December, So Far So Great, and Gift of a Friend). But while I was enjoying all the new music Lovato released, little did I know about what happened in 2010…

make a wave

February 26th, 2010: “Make A Wave,” a duet between Demi and her Camp Rock costar Joe Jonas, was released. It was featured in the DisneyNature film “Oceans.”

So, 2010 was a great year. Demi recorded another duet with Joe Jonas (titled “Make A Wave”) for the Disney’s Friends For Change campaign, then they promoted that song with a music video, a performance on American Idol (which premiered the day before my birthday), and more. SWAC was renewed for a second-or-third season (I don’t remember how many seasons it was on the air for)… and the people at Disney were talking about filming a sequel to Camp Rock. A sequel to CAMP ROCK?!?! OMG YES!!!

camp rock 2September 3rd, 2010. The premiere of Camp Rock 2. I wasn’t a huge fan of this movie, but I loved the music. And I liked that my favorite Disney stars were in the movie–Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers. They performed a few songs together AGAIN for that movie, and went on tour. What was supposed to be the Jonas Brothers’ 2010 World Tour turned into the Camp Rock tour, to promote the film. Once again, Demi was one of the opening acts, and from what I’ve heard, she was amazing! But the pressures of being a famous star eventually got to Demi, and halfway through the tour, she announced she was pulling out of the tour to deal with personal issues. This announcement also meant the end of Sonny With A Chance (which continued for one more season as So Random!). The celebrity news sites started reporting about her leaving the tour to seek help for personal issues, and then…

skyscraper cover artunbroken cover artShe came back in late 2011 with a bang! Her comeback single, Skyscraper, talked about what she went through, and how she was staying strong and “rising from the ground.” And the release of her third studio album, Unbroken, saw Demi transition from a Disney star to a full-fledged adult pop artist. This was the year that many Disney artists released new music that showed their transition from Disney to Top 40 radio. Out of them all, Demi’s new music was my favorite. No doubt about it, a new chapter in her career was just beginning.

x factor season 2 promoAnd in 2012, it got even better. While Demi was promoting her new music the previous year, the US version of The X Factor was underway. So it was no surprise that they asked Demi to become a judge for the second season of the hit reality show! I was super excited to hear the news, and I was so happy for her… but the actual show proved to be a disappointment, and I stopped watching it after the Judge’s Homes episodes that season. However, I still continued to support her, and even to this day, I’m hoping and praying that she’ll perform one of her songs on The Voice!

heart attack demi lovatoIn early 2013, Demi released Heart Attack, the first single from demiher fourth studio album, which proved to be a huge success (and made it onto my Summer Playlist that year!). A few months after that, after dropping hints that more new music was on the way, she made the announcement on April 1st. Her fourth album, self-titled, would be released on May 14th, just in x factor season 3 promotime for summer. After the release, she followed with 2 more singles; Made In The USA and Neon Lights. Demi continued her job on X Factor, but announced she would be leaving the show after Season 3, to focus on her upcoming tour. As a result, the ratings Demi Lovato Let It Godropped and the show was canceled. After X Factor, Lovato returned to Disney, to record a song for the Academy Award-winning film, Frozen. That song, along with the film, proved to be a massive hit everywhere.

The first half of this year, Demi told fans that she was recording new music, and kicked off the Neon Lights Tour. Unfortunately, she didn’t come to Edmonton, so I couldn’t go to her concert that neon lights tourtime. (Highlight of TNLT: Nick Jonas was the creative director on the tour, and he performed a few songs with Demi at some of the concerts! X Factor alumni Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, and Cher Lloyd also opened on this tour)

Demi Lovato world tourIn June, just a few months after ending the Neon Lights Tour, Demi announced ANOTHER tour to promote her fourth album again, and released RDCDemiLovatoReally Don’t Care” as the fourth single from her album (Seriously, when is she going to release the new music she told us about?!). The tour dates included 2 stops in Alberta; Calgary and Edmonton. Seeing that she has been my inspiration for the longest time, I decided to wait until the last minute to tell my parents about the concert. Finally, last month, we saw a commercial for the world tour and I bought the tickets!

Stay tuned for the second part of this post: the actual recap of the concert!

(To read part 2, click here)

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