Concert Review: Demi Lovato ‘World Tour’ at Rexall Place, Edmonton (Part 2 / 2)

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I had the opportunity to see Demi Lovato in concert last Saturday, October 4th, and I had a great time! The opening acts were great, Demi’s performance was outstanding, and the stage show wasn’t half bad either!

Since entering the music scene in 2007-2008, Demi has released 4 albums, starred in countless movies and TV shows, and headlined so many tours; but I think this tour is the best she’s ever done. The special effects… the costumes… the makeup… the songs… there’s a lot more awesome things to name. I actually did a post on Polished about my favorite moments from the tour if you want to check that out!

Opening Acts:

mkto resized

The first opening act, MKTO, came on, and they impressed the audience with their catchy lyrics, stage presence, and crossover between pop and hip-hop (Malcolm Kelley is a great hip-hop artist by the way). I had heard some of their songs on the radio before, but had never realized how awesome they were until the concert. One of the highlights of their set, was the fact that THEY PLAY THEIR OWN INSTRUMENTS! (You should’ve seen Tony Oller play the keyboard last night during one of the group’s songs! WOW!)

(Did you know that Tony co-starred alongside Demi Lovato in the 2007 Disney miniseries, As The Bell Rings? I had no idea! They even performed one of Demi’s original songs, “Shadow,” together on the show!)

Set list: “Thank You,” “Forever Until Tomorrow,” “Goodbye Song,” “American Dream,” “No More Second Chances,” “Classic

christina perri resized

Christina Perri isn’t a stranger to the music scene! She released her second album, Head or Heart, earlier this year, and has been performing on this tour as an opening act to promote the album. Her set was filled with motivational anthems (“Jar of Hearts,” “Human,” “Be My Forever“), as well as a cover of Coldplay’s “A Sky Full Of Stars.

Set list: “Jar of Hearts,” “Burning Gold,” “Arms,” “Be My Forever,” “A Thousand Years,” “A Sky Full of Stars (Coldplay cover),” “One Night,” “Human

After Christina Perri’s set was over, there was a 5-minute break (during which I posted some things on Twitter about the concert)… and I was really surprised to find out that ANDEE was also performing!

andee resized

Her debut single, “Never Gone,” was being played on all the radio stations, and she favorited / retweeted a few of my posts on Twitter before the concert. So I was extremely surprised to find out she was joining Demi on tour for the Canadian shows!

This small-town girl from Quebec may have only performed 4 songs on Saturday night, but she did an amazing job considering it was her first night opening for Demi! Along with the song that made her famous, she also performed two more original songs, and an awesome cover of Sam Smith’s hit song, “Stay With Me.” With her first album expected to be released at the end of 2014, ANDEE is definitely a star in the making!

Set list: “Never Gone,” “We Are Gold,” “Sorries,” “Stay With Me (Sam Smith cover)”


Inspirational Speaker: Spencer West

spencer west resized

I totally didn’t expect this at first, but one of Demi’s friends, Spencer West, is joining her on tour to speak about what he went through. They met when Demi went to Africa with Free The Children last summer (if you want to learn more about her experience, look it up), and have been friends ever since!

Spencer talked about what it meant to be a warrior (his speech coincided with Demi’s song of the same name), and what we could do to be warriors. He told us about how he was bullied as a child because of his differences, and how he wanted to play sports in school. Fast forward to now, and he’s a motivational speaker / activist for an organization called Me To We. He’s spoken at various events and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! He told us that we could be warriors by standing up for what we believe in– whether it’s bullying awareness, the environment, or anything else. It was an awesome surprise!


Headlining the Tour: Demi Lovato

The whole point of this post is to recap the awesome experience that was the “DEMI World Tour”, right? And who released a self-titled fourth studio album last year? Who is the person I’ve been talking about in all these posts?

demi lovato resized

DEMI LOVATO. I might’ve obsessed over the opening acts on this tour just a little (ok, maybe a lot!), but Demi IS headlining this tour, after all. If I hadn’t become a fan of her in 2008, I wouldn’t have gone to the concert.

She opened her performance with a bang, performing “Really Don’t Care” (solo; as Cher Lloyd was not on this tour), then performed a few more high-energy songs (including “The Middle,” “Fire Starter,” a rock version of “Remember December,” and “Heart Attack“). She also did an acoustic set, and slowed the performance down a few times during the concert when she performed songs like “Warrior” and “My Love Is Like A Star.

Demi also did a few covers as well during her 90-minute set, performing the Academy Award-winning “Let It Go” from Frozen, as well as a mediocre– but still extremely fun– cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.

But one highlight of the night was halfway through the show, before she started singing “Warrior.” She played the piano for a few minutes– no singing, just the piano– then said something along the lines of: “I know I made some mistakes, but I don’t care! Because I’m performing LIVE!”

She then proceeded to talk about letting go from her past mistakes, and said exactly this: “You can let go from your past and still live a healthy, awesome life!” A minute later, at the end of her speech, she said, “I let every interview, every performance, define who I was. And I don’t want to do that anymore. I don’t want my past to define who I am. So from now on, I’m not gonna talk about my past anymore. At least, not for the rest of this show!”

Set list: “Really Don’t Care,” “The Middle,” “Fire Starter,” “Remember December,” “Heart Attack,” “My Love Is Like A Star,” “Don’t Forget (acoustic),” “Catch Me (acoustic),” “Let It Go,” “Warrior,” “Two Pieces,” “Thriller (Michael Jackson cover),” “Got Dynamite,” “Nightingale,” “Skyscraper,” “Give Your Heart A Break,” “Neon Lights (encore),”

I had a great time at Demi Lovato’s concert last weekend, and it’s no surprise! With her totally rockin’ fashion sense and her amazing voice, Demi is definitely one of my inspirations for sure!

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