Holiday Gift Guide for the Music Fan in your Life

I’ve been searching the internet (and the mall) high and low to find the perfect gifts for family and friends this holiday season, while creating my own Christmas list. Along the way, I have curated a selection of great gift options (mostly CDs or other music-related things) with various price ranges. There’s a little bit of everything, so you can find the perfect gift for that music fan in your life 🙂

(This is the first in a series of holiday gift guides that I will be posting in the weeks leading up to Christmas)


1. Four – One Direction ($12.00 or $15.00)

One_Direction_Four One_Direction_Four_Deluxe
One Direction has been taking over the music world by storm… and for the past few years, they have created a holiday tradition of sorts by releasing a new studio album every November. Their latest album, simply titled Four, has some catchy songs with rock-&-roll influences (such as “Steal My Girl,“), beautiful ballads (“Night Changes“), and shows a more mature side of this fivesome from the UK. And if that’s not enough, you can also buy the deluxe version, which has 4 more amazing songs!

My personal favorite track from the album? “18,” co-written by Ed Sheeran (another amazingly talented British singer-songwriter).


2. Head Or Heart – Christina Perri ($10.00)

I have always been a fan of Christina Perri, especially her live performances. I saw her perform some of the songs from her latest album, Head Or Heart, back in October, and I was impressed. I think I bought her album right after the concert. This album is filled with motivational anthems (“Human,” “Be My Forever“), upbeat, catchy songs (the new single “Burning Gold“), and incredible lyrics throughout the whole song. It’s also interesting to mention that Christina co-wrote all the songs on her album. Definitely a great Christmas gift for that aspiring songwriter, or anyone who loves her music!

If you asked me what my favorite track is, I would probably say “Human.” Or, because I can’t pick just one song, “Be My Forever” (featuring Ed Sheeran) and “Burning Gold.” Those are my Top 3.


3. Nick Jonas – Nick Jonas ($10.00 or $12.00)

nick jonas album featured image Nick_Jonas_Deluxe
Nick Jonas has totally changed since he was on the Disney Channel! New look, new sound, and a new record label. His latest album, self=titled, is a combination of pop and R&B, with more mature lyrics. Some of the songs are more upbeat (“I Want You,” “Take Over,” and the soon-to-be-released single “Teacher“), some are dark and mysterious (“Chains,” “Numb,” “Warning“), and some of the songs are just really personal and amazing (“Push,” “Nothing Would Be Better,” “Avalanche,” “Santa Barbara“). Featuring the hit song “Jealous,” as well as collaborations with Angel Haze, Mike Posner, and Demi Lovat0. If you have someone on your wishlist who loves that pop/R&B crossover genre, Nick’s new album is definitely not one to miss! (Another thing I should mention: Nick is also starring in DirecTV’s latest original show, Kingdom. It’s obvious that he’s put his Disney Channel days behind him)

My favorite songs:

The whole album, but especially the following: “Chains,” “Jealous,” “Warning…” “Avalanche” (featuring Demi Lovato), “Nothing Would Be Better,

As for the bonus tracks on the Deluxe Edition (which I purchased), “Santa Barbara” is one of my favorites. Quoting Taylor Swift, it’s like “a combo of Bon Iver and the way Christmas time should feel.” The only song I don’t really like is “Closer” (featuring Mike Posner).

 4. 1989 – Taylor Swift ($13.00 or 15.00)

Taylor_Swift_1989 Taylor_Swift_1989_Deluxe

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard this one. It sold over one million copies during the debut week, breaking a world record. Taylor Swift’s first pop album (that’s right, she’s no longer doing the country thing) has been a massive success since its release in October. Featuring the hit singles “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space,” as well as the Top 20 hit “Out Of The Woods,1989 is perfect for that hardcore Taylor Swift fan on your wishlist… or even for anyone who just loves good pop music!

5. MKTO – MKTO ($8.00)

A couple months ago, I had the amazing opportunity to see these guys perform live in concert (they were opening for Demi Lovato on tour… along with Christina Perri and ANDEE). I had heard their music before on the radio, but never realized how good they were until I saw them perform live! Their self-titled debut album has some catchy, upbeat pop songs (like the hit songs “Classic” and “Thank You,“), as well as some edgy break-up songs (“Goodbye Song*). Add amazing vocals from both Tony and Malcolm, the pop/hip-hop crossover, and the ability to play their own instruments; this is only the beginning for MKTO.

Have you already started Christmas shopping for your friends and family? What’s on your Christmas list? Let us know in the comments below!

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