2014 MTV VMA’s Part 2: The Nominees

2014-mtv-vma-logoAre you excited for the VMA’s?! Only 2 days until the big awards show in L.A., and I’m getting more excited with every Tweet, every status update, every commercial on MTV that’s promoting the event. After all, this is one of the best things that MTV has come up with… besides Finding Carter, of course. That show is AMAZING! So, we’ve already talked about the performances scheduled for this year’s VMA’s, now it’s time to talk about the NOMINEES. Last post, I mentioned that Iggy Azalea and Beyonce are leading the nominees with eight nominations each, while Eminem is behind them with seven. You’re about to find out what these artists are nominated for.

1. Video of the Year

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Iggy Azalea, so I’m not voting for her. However, I will congratulate her via Twitter if she wins the award, like I do during all the awards shows 🙂 I’m actually voting for Miley (even though I didn’t like the video as much as I like the song) and Sia (because Chandelier is just amazing).

2. Best Male Video

Usually, there’s at least one or two artists that I don’t vote for in categories like this, but for Best Male Video, I’m actually voting for all of the nominees, so I don’t care who wins in this category (although I really hope Ed Sheeran wins…).

3. Best Female Video

I’m not voting for anyone in particular to win this award. All these women are talented in their own ways, and I wish they could all win the award. 🙂

4. Artist to Watch

5 Seconds of Summer… Charli XCX… Fifth Harmony…. MTV, WHY ARE YOU MAKING THIS SO COMPLICATED?! I’d vote for all the artists in this category, because they’re all AWESOME LIKE THAT.

5. Best Pop Video

Ok, I think I know who I’m voting for this time. “Wake Me Up” is a great pop song, that I think deserves to win this award.

6. Best Rock Video

When you feel my heat, look into my eyes. IT’S WHERE MY DEMONS HIDE…” Uh… sorry, I was getting a little bit excited there. I’m voting for Imagine Dragons all the way. I haven’t heard of any of the other artists (except for Imagine Dragons and Lorde), so I can’t really vote for them. Imagine Dragons are really talented, and I really hope they take home this award on Sunday.

7. Best Hip-Hop Video

The only songs I’ve heard from this category are “Berzerk” and “Hold On…” Sadly, the only one I really liked was “Hold On…”. I think Eminem is talented, and I respect him and his talent, but they played “Berzerk” at the school dance last year and the song just went on… and on… and on. So, I’m voting for Drake. But I wouldn’t mind if Eminem won the award. They’re both talented.

8. MTV Clubland Award

I like Zedd (I LOVE “Stay The Night,” and his collaboration on Ariana Grande’s smash hit “Break Free” was pretty good), and Calvin Harris made it onto my Summer Playlist this year, so I hope either of them wins the award. I don’t know… I’m not really into club / electronic music.

9. Best Collaboration

I’m voting for Eminem and Pitbull. I would’ve also voted for Ariana Grande… but a lot has changed in the past year. I don’t know what happened; I used to love Ari’s music, but I’m not a huge fan of her newer songs (although I have to admit “Problem” has been stuck in my head for a while).

10. Best Direction

OH MY GOSH! I HAVEN’T SEEN MOST OF THESE VIDEOS (except for “Wrecking Ball”) SO I DON’T KNOW WHO SHOULD WIN. So, I’m not really voting for anyone for this award. Congratulations to whoever wins 🙂

11. Best Choreography

I’m voting for Kiesza and Sia for this award. Like I’ve said before, “Chandelier” is an incredible song (reminds me of “Cannonball” by Lea MIchele, though…), and Sia is just an incredible artist, period. I can just imagine how good the choreography is for this music video.

As for Kiesza, who just came onto the music scene a few months ago with her hit song “Hideaway,” I’m voting for her because she actually does have a powerhouse voice if you take away the special effects, she’s from Edmonton (or Calgary, I can’t remember which), AND she’s signed to Island Records, one of the greatest record labels ever in my opinion. And… I never saw the actual video, but the choreography for her live TV performances was pretty good.

12. Best Visual Effects

Good luck to all the nominees in this category, and congratulations in advance to whoever wins the award! I would’ve voted for Eminem, but I’ve never heard “Rap God” or seen the video.

13. Best Art Direction

(see above comment)

14. Best Editing

I’m voting for “Stay The Night.” Like I’ve mentioned before, I like Zedd, and that’s the only song I’ve heard out of this list, so…

15. Best Cinematography

I’ve never heard the song, never seen the video… but I’m voting for “Pretty Hurts.” From what I’ve heard, the song has a good social message about self-esteem and the pressure to be perfect in today’s society… oh, wait. That’s what I would write for “Best Video with a Social Message” below. 🙂

16. Best Video with a Social Message

Uh, MTV, I think you forgot a song in this category. Britt Nicole released this really inspirational song / video called “Gold” a few years ago, it has a really good social message as well. I’ve never seen that one in the list of nominees before, so you might want to check it out 🙂

Nonetheless, I’m actually voting for all of these artists. These songs all have really inspirational videos, and I love anything that has an inspirational message.

17. Best Lyric Video

I think you all know who I’m voting for…

DEMI LOVATO AND CHER LLOYD. If you can’t tell, I’m kinda obsessed with “Really Don’t Care,” (it was on my summer playlist this year as well), and I might be seeing Demi in concert in a few months. So, I really want Demi to win this award. However, as with all the other categories, I will congratulate whoever wins via Twitter.

So, that’s it. I’ve listed the nominees for the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, and mentioned who I’m personally voting for. But before I conclude this post, there’s one more thing I wanted to say….

There’s also another special award (the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award) that will be presented during the awards show.  The award will be presented to Beyonce, for her work in the music industry.  I just wanted to say congratulations in advance for winning such a special award.

I will be writing one more blog about the awards; stay tuned for the final post in the series; Fashion from the VMA’s Red Carpet… that will most likely be up on Monday or Tuesday.

Who are you voting for? Let us know in the comments below!


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