Music Review: “Don’t Lose Yourself” (C.D. Single)

If any of you have checked out the “Welcome” page on my blog, you might have noticed a little surprise at the bottom of the page…

Along with a simple post welcoming you to this blog, I also attached the acoustic version of Jordan Pruitt’s song “Don’t Lose Yourself”, which a lot of people liked. At the time of that post, the acoustic version (recorded in 2009-10) was the only version of this song we had, however that has changed.

Recently, the former Disney star teamed up with Nick Jonas (who actually wrote this song) to record the OFFICIAL studio version of “Don’t Lose Yourself.” Well… I don’t know when they recorded it, or how it was released. I’m guessing Jordan released it to her fans via her official website, then someone posted it on YouTube. But nonetheless, I’m still considering it to be a new song, and I’m reviewing it today.

Not surprisingly, I love this song. And that’s not because I’ve been a fan of Jordan since her debut album was released in 2007. I’m a huge fan of songs that have inspirational lyrics, and this one is no exception. It’s about being yourself and not losing who you are to peer pressure.

In this song, which is 3 minutes and 42 seconds in length, the narrator sings about a friend who had gotten “caught up in the wrong things / doin’ things that you’ve never done / Saying stuff that you’ve never said / A wrong turn that may make you end up in a dead end,” and offers advice to the friend to just be themselves, also mentioning that “I can remember when / We didn’t have to pretend/ Used to talk all night, all the time / But it never went to mind / Now not really much to say / Hoping things don’t stay this way / … Don’t lose yourself.

Featuring an awesome beat, inspiring message, and background vocals from Nick Jonas, this song is the perfect track for the summer. Listen to the OFFICIAL, LEGIT STUDIO VERSION (EEK!!!) below, and tell me what you think in the comments!

(And while we’re still on the topic, what’s with all these Disney songs making it onto my summer playlist this year?! First the Girl Meets World theme song, now this! Oh well, I don’t really care, I love it anyways 🙂 )

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