Music Review: “Good Times” (CD Single)

One of my favourite up-and-coming artists is Canadian popbryan finlay resized recording artist Bryan Finlay. You may have heard some of his songs on the radio before.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Bryan has loved music for as long as he can remember. As a young child, he would play simple melodies on his father’s keyboard and sing along to them. It wasn’t soon before long that Bryan’s parents realized music would be a part of their son’s life forever.

In November 2010, Bryan competed against 140 other artists and was ultimately named the winner of the “7th Annual 91.7 The Bounce Showdown,” which is where he was discovered. Things only went up from there.

He released his self-titled debut EP in 2011, then released another EP / album, Bulletproof, in October of last year. The second single from that album, “Good Times”, is the one I’m reviewing today.

“Good Times” is a really fun, upbeat song, that’s perfect for summer. The lyrics talk about “letting the good times roll,” and basically having the time of your life, no matter what situation you’re in. (The lyric video, which will be posted below, does a great job reinforcing that message)

Vocally, Bryan has a unique sound, but his voice reminds me of Joe Jonas or Adam Lambert. I noticed that from the first time I heard his music in January 2014 (with his first radio single, “Tonight Is Alright”)

Overall, this song is pretty good. With so many artists competing for “song of the summer,” I don’t think Bryan’s song will make it into that general list (so far, I haven’t heard his music on the radio anywhere else but Edmonton), but considering I’m into this type of music, this song has definitely earned a spot on my summertime playlist this year 🙂

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