Music Review: “Silver Nights” (CD Single)

Sabrina Carpenter has done it again! The actress/singer has released a new holiday song, called “Silver Nights.” The track, which was released this Monday, is a festive country-pop anthem that’s perfect for getting into the holiday spirit!

This actually isn’t the first holiday song the Girl Meets World star has released. Last year, she recorded a song called It’s Finally Christmas, which was one of the tracks on Disney Channel’s Holidays Unwrapped compilation album.

Silver Nights” (not to be confused with “Silver Bells“) is a great Christmas song, that’s different from the other ones on the radio. It reminds me of Mariah Carey’s smash hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” while at the same time, also sounding like something that would be played in a Disney Christmas movie. (Maybe that’s because Sabrina is still a Disney star, after all)

The lyrics are great (although hard to understand at some points of the song), the instrumental is outstanding (you can literally hear bells and whistles in the chorus), and it’s the perfect song to listen to while getting ready for a holiday party or Christmas shopping. When I listened to this song for the first time, I felt excited about the upcoming holiday season.

Overall, “Silver Nights” is a really good Christmas song. It’s definitely going on my Holiday Playlist this year for sure!


Silver Nights

Performed by: Sabrina Carpenter
Release Date: November 10th 2014
Recorded: 2014
Genre: Pop
Written by: Sabrina Carpenter
Produced by:
Record Label: Hollywood Records

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