Summer Style: Remembering JONAS L.A. (Thoughts from a once-obsessed JB fan)

Today marks the 4th year since JONAS L.A. premiered / went off the air simultaneously. I guess the Disney Channel wanted to make room for some of their newer shows (such as that one about the tech-savvy talking dog… what was it called again?). But why did they really cancel it?

jonas l.a soundtrackAt a time where Hannah Montana, Sonny With A Chance, and similar shows dominated the airwaves, JONAS L.A. was a new show with that exact same concept. Make a show starring Disney’s newest teen sensations, the Jonas Brothers, and hope that people view it. Of course, when the series first premiered in 2009, millions of teenage girls tuned in to the Disney Channel to watch. Disney’s purpose was to create hype for this show, to make it seem more exciting than it was (to be honest, season 2 is my favourite). I think most of the target demographic who watched, fell in love. They loved what Disney was doing.

jonas l.a. cast pictureFast forward one year. Disney announced that they were renaming the series (which, at the time, was called JONAS), and changing it big-time. Instead of being filmed at the Disney studios, the new season was filmed live on location in L.A…. there was also a significantly larger amount of drama, which I personally LOVED (and still love to this day!). Unfortunately, most people didn’t entirely love the new concept. Ratings dropped, and in October of that year, Disney decided to pull the plug on JONAS L.A. (Thankfully, it was after the 2nd season finale, so the network didn’t leave us hanging when it came to the plot)

Of course, here in Canada, reruns aired until May 2011, then it was gone. As tobyMac once said in his 2004 song, Gone, “They say you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

This was the end of “the old Disney Channel,” as I call it. Before Camp Rock 2 premiered. Before a new wave of shows / teen heartthrobs / actors-turned-singers appeared. Before Demi Lovato left the network to deal with personal issues. Before controversial topics were discussed in the shows that prompted the network to review these episodes. Yes, this is when Disney went somewhat-downhill.

I still kept up with it for a while after JONAS went off the air. But when they removed Wizards of Waverly Place, I stopped watching. And when I heard about some of the new shows (and watched one episode of Austin & Ally), I decided I was never turning back.

Of course, that all changed when they made the announcement about Girl Meets World. Now, I have a feeling that Disney is going back to the way it was before, but for a newer generation. (Not just Disney Channel, but Disney itself. I mean, if an animated movie wins not one, but TWO Academy Awards, that means it’s really good)

Since then, the Jonas Brothers have left Hollywood Records, released 2 songs, Pom Poms and First Time, starred on an E! reality show (Married To Jonas), and broken up as a group followed by the cancellation of their Fall 2013 tour.


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