Top 16 Favorite Songs of 2014

If you know me, you probably know that I LOVE MUSIC. I love music SO MUCH that I often spend my free time creating music playlists on Spotify, and sharing those playlists with all of you!

And of course, with it being New Year’s Eve– the last day of 2014, oh my gosh– I absolutely have to share my favorite songs of this year with you guys! These are all songs that I’ve either: a) discovered over the past 365 days; b) never heard of until I saw the artist/band in concert; or c) loved them for many years and have just kept adding them to my playlist each time.

Winter Playlist

1. “Thinking Out Loud” – Ed Sheeran (2014)

2. “Let It Go” – Demi Lovato / Idina Menzel (2013)

3. “Santa Barbara” – Nick Jonas (2014)

4. “Chandelier” – Sia (2014)

5. “Life of the Party” – Shawn Mendes (2014)

6. “Sorries” – ANDEE (2014)

7. “Sweater Weather” – The Neighborhood (2012)

8. “Try” – Colbie Caillat (2014)

9. “What About Yesterday” – Reagan James (2013)

10. “Outside Looking In” – Jordan Pruitt (2007)

11. “Hero” (Acoustic Version) – Bethany Dillon (2008)

12. “Stay With Me” – Sam Smith (2014)

13. “Avalanche” (feat. Demi Lovato) – Nick Jonas (2014)

14. “Feel The Light” – Britt Nicole (2009)

15. “Latch” (Acoustic Version) – Sam Smith (2014)

16. “I’m Here” – Aly & AJ (2007)

So I really hope you guys enjoy my 2014 Playlist (also known as Winter Playlist), and if you have any songs you’d like me to add, feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

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