Top 5 Favourite Nail Polish Colours for Spring

I am SO happy right now, because spring is finally here (where I live anyways)! Which means it’s time to finally start wearing cute clothes / accessories / makeup for this time of year.

Speaking of spring / summer beauty tips, I also have a huge collection of nail polish, and some of these colours I have are perfect for the springtime! So I thought I’d post about my top 5 fave nail polish colours for this season!

1. Mint Candy Apple by Essie

mint candy apple by essie

GUYS! This colour is, like, PERFECT! It was released as part of Essie’s 2009 Sweet Time Of Year Holiday Collection, and became a bestseller soon after. It’s a beautiful pastel mint colour with a glossy finish. Honestly, the colour is more towards the aqua-blue side, even though there are some green hues in it, but I love it anyways! I first learned about this shade when Bethany Mota talked about it in one of her Favourites videos on YouTube, and have been obsessed ever since!

2. Eclectic by Revlon

revlon eclectic

Eclectic is this really pretty teal/mint colour, that I just LOVE! I’ve seen many celebrities (and YouTube beauty gurus :) ) wear this shade, and I really wanted it, so I bought it in August of last year. It was actually released last spring, as a replacement for Minted (another, now discontinued, Revlon shade that was quite similar). It’s quite sheer on the first and second coats, so I would recommend three coats for good opacity. It is kinda similar to Mint Candy Apple, but it’s different in a way.

3. Dreamy Poppy by Wet N’ Wild

wet n wild dreamy poppy

(Side Note: Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the actual Wet N’ Wild site to load on my computer, so I couldn’t attach the link, like I’ve been able to with the other websites 🙁 )

This nail polish is BRIGHT! Literally, we’re talkin’ bright neon pink! This colour would be perfect to wear for summer, like if you were going to a fun summer party with your friends, or an end-of-the-year school dance… or if you were going to a Demi Lovato Neon Lights concert… Basically, this is a really fun shade, that is perfect for spring or summer!

4. Wild Card by Wet N’ Wild

wet n wild wild card

Wild Card is another shade that I love from Wet N’ Wild Beauty, and you’re honestly really going to have to see this one in real life to appreciate it. It’s really, really, gorgeous. It’s a mauve with fuschia shimmer and gold flash, and it looks really beautiful and perfect for the spring and summer. I love it!

5. Golden Artist by Jordana Cosmetics

golden artist jordana cosmetics

This colour is meant for doing fun designs on your nails, like, if you were to do a French mani with gold tips or something. It’s a really sparkly, metallic shade, that would look nice with any of the colours mentioned. It comes with a “precision brush applicator”, which makes it really easy to apply and create small designs on your nails.

That’s all for my favourite spring nail polishes, and I hope you guys enjoyed this post!


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