TV Review: Finding Carter

MTV’s new series, Finding Carter, premiered earlier this week, and so far, I love it. It’s a teen drama show about a girl who finds out she was abducted at age three by a woman who claimed to be her mother.

The series stars English actress Kathryn Prescott as Carter Stevens, a young girl whose life is turned upside down when she finds out she was abducted at age three by a woman who claimed to be her mother. She has had a perfect life with her single mother Lori (played by Milena Govich), until a police bust at a party reveals that Lori had actually abducted Carter as a child, and that her real name is Lyndon. Carter returns to her biological family and must navigate through her life, all whilst vowing to be reunited with the woman who kidnapped her.

I really like this show. It’s action-packed without being extremely violent, a little bit dramatic without being too dramatic (if that makes any sense), and surprisingly good for an MTV show. And even though we have only seen 2 episodes so far, I really like how the supporting characters seem well-developed already. Sometimes, I’ve seen TV shows where the supporting characters are one-dimensional and don’t really play a part in the story; that’s not the case here. One example is in the pilot episode, when Carter’s somewhat-detached younger brother Grant (played by Zac Pullam), tells Carter that he was born 10 weeks premature and feels invisible most of the time. I instantly felt a connection, because I went through similar challenges.

Overall, this is a great show that has a very real storyline, amazing character development already, and just that hint of drama. One person on my Facebook page said it was “the most original TV series {they’ve} seen in a long time.”

The newest episode of Finding Carter premieres Tuesday, July 15th, at 10/9c on MTV.


Finding Carter

Created By: Emily Silver
Premiere Date / Original Run: July 8th 2014 — present
Opening Theme: Vagabond by MisterWives
Executive Producers : Terri Minsky Deborah Spera
Maria Grasso Alexander A. Motlagh
Running Time: 42 minutes
Original Channel: MTV
Starring: Kathryn Prescott as Carter Stevens/Lyndon WIlson
Cynthia Watros as Elizabeth Wilson
Anna Jacoby-Heron as Taylor Wilson
Alexis Denisof as David Wilson
Zac Pullam as Grant Wilson
Milena Govich as Lori Stevens
Meredith Baxter as Grandma Joan
Robert Pine as Grandpa Buddy
Eddie Matos as Kyle
Alex Saxon as Max
Jesse Henderson as Gabe
Stephen Guarino as Toby
Jesse Carere as Ofe
Caleb Ruminer as Crash
Vanessa Morgan as Bird

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