5 DIY Spring Room Decor Ideas + Tutorial!

Spring is finally here. The snow is gone (and never coming back again, until next year 🙂 ), the grass is finally starting to turn green, I’ve started to bring out my favourite nail polish colours for the springtime… And, of course, it’s time to do another DIY Room Decor post. I don’t know if anyone remembers this, but a couple years ago, I did a DIY post for fall. So I’m bringing that trend back again, and doing another post! This time around, I was inspired by some DIY videos that I saw on the YouTube beauty channel/blog, Polished (which I am a contributing blogger for). They have a ton of different videos on hair / makeup / fashion, DIY, and more!

This tutorial is inspired by Ashley, otherwise known as MakeupbyAmarie on YouTube. She is a contributor to the Polished YouTube Channel, and has created some great spring room decor ideas in one of her videos.

DIY Spring Nail Polish Display

You will need:

• A small wooden four-square box

• A wooden “Love” symbol

• White acrylic paint

• Spring-coloured acrylic paints (optional)

• Glue (Krazy Glue or E6000 Glue might work)

• A paintbrush applicator

Step 1: Using the white acrylic paint and the applicator, paint the entire box.

Step 2: Paint the “love” symbol the same colour as the box.

Step 3: Using the Krazy Glue (or E6000), glue the symbol to the centre of the box as shown in the picture below.

Step 4: Now you can choose to add some more colour to the project if you’d like. Since white-on-white is a pretty boring colour scheme (in my opinion), I decided to jazz this project up a little by adding some spring-coloured acrylic paints to the “love” symbol. I decided to use light pink, purple, green, and blue.

      • Paint the “L” one colour (I chose pink), then paint half of the “O” this same colour.

      • Paint the other half of the “O”, another colour (I chose purple for this one), then paint half of the “V” the same colour. As you can probably tell, I’m going for a gradient effect here.

      • Finally, paint the other half of the “V” another colour (I chose green this time), then paint half of the “E”. Paint the other half of the “E” one more colour (The last colour I chose; blue), then you’re done!

Other ideas for decorating your room

• Glitter Heart Votives

• White / clear Christmas lights in your room; These lights aren’t just ·   for Christmas; they are perfect for any season.

• Paper butterfly display: Draw a whole bunch of different-sized butterfly shapes on cardstock, cut them out, then use scotch tape ·   to secure them to your bedroom walls (or wherever you want to put them)

• Bright colours: Replace any neutral-coloured items in your room with brighter colours.

Are you planning on decorating your bedroom for spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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